Is Incest On the Rise

Is incest on the increase more than ever, I read a lot of confessions a lot are incestuous, I know four of my friends have had a brother sister sexual relationship, plus my self with my sister and brother, and my aunt, ?
Should incest become legal in the UK?

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  • Legal? It should become -mandatory- in all countries.
    Incest is definitely very common, i think to the point of almost being ubiquitous

  • There is nothing new under the sun. Incest began in the Garden of Eden, After the flood, with Lott and his daughters. Incest is in our DNA and not on the increase. Living in the age of the internet and anonymonity individuals are more open and more inclined to share incest experience.

  • If any one does real incest. Add me on Snapchat. I'd love to see n hear more. Andyc2104. Say incest so I know where u from.

  • Im fourteen and my sisters eleven and we have be touching each other for over a year..

  • I first fucked my baby sister when I was 19 and she was 8. She's 10 now and we fuck whenever we get the chance. Her sweet, plump pussy is so tight it drives me wild.

  • That sounds amazing, so hot!

  • I think it is more common because girls are more sexually attractive and want to explore more today. I think with the topic being on the internet all the time it causes interest that becomes action. We didn’t have the internet back when I was growing up so the topic was never talked about. Honestly I was well into being an adult before I ever heard of it.

  • Incest happens just as much as when I was younger about 55 years ago the only difference is its talked about more but its still a very taboo open subject, lot of porn is incest but not real only actors, incest porn gets most viewing, A while ago on a soap there was a mum step son clip nothing inappropriate was shown only kissing and a bed scene, it got the biggest recorded viewings ever

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    Kind of sad, I think he should have a shower, shave put on his best cloths and attend the nearest church, as long as he has not gone too far maybe confession would certainly help

  • I do not think it is on the rise, you just hear about it more due to social media. When I was young if you did not tell a friend about it verbally no one knew. Now a days you can get on a site like this and tell 10,000 people what your doing.

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  • Clowie your getting your stories mixed up as often little fibber's do, on another post you tell us your mother is living with you but often visits relatives that gives you and your dad time to sleep together and is very strict.
    Stop all this fake crap

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  • I do not think it's on the rise. I just think more people are talking about nowadays. My mother and father both used me until I was 17 and had a pregnancy scare. Sounds weird but that's when I realized it was wrong and took appropriate measures.

  • Hi. Im sorry to hare what happend to you. I posted here earlier. Im almost 14 and have being sleeping with my dad since i was 8 and he never forced me to do anything. My mom left when i was just little and the bitch cheated on my dad with my uncle when i was small and she does not talk talk to me or dad and i dont care though because shes a selfish bitch and i hope her and my uncle die. Your mom and sad were mean because they made you do things. Thats sad and heres a hig. Love clowie xxxxx

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    I'm 31 and married now, but I visit dad for a fuck at least twice a month. Incest is such a great turn-on that every girl should try it.

  • Some people have a natural sexual connection and happen to be related I think as long as it consensual nobody needs to judge. I also think we go thru phases and need to express our love more intimate than society deems acceptable. When I was growing up a homosexuals was beaten and forbidden. Now look how's it's viewed and acceptable but it was so morally wrong back in the 80's. I think government and society should worry about who they love and stop judging others. Just my opinion

  • I’m 47 yrs old I’m going to have to agree it’s on the rise I never heard of it when I was growing up. I watch movies hear songs and even on TV shows there will be suggestive sexual comments toward incest. Obviously it’s all over this site with confessions I think some might be fiction but sure some are true. There have been many cases even on Dr Phil with a father daughter you can look that up. When I was 23 yrs old dating a girl I asked what the wildest sexual encounter she had. She giggled saying I wouldn’t understand I was frustrated because I just told her mine. My story wasn’t all that crazy just having sex late at night in all night laundromat we never got caught but it was exciting. A few hours later after we had sex she said don’t freak out but she had sex with her dad. She said after her parents divorced they talked allot he was upset. She said how she started desiring him and one thing lead to another. She said they had a fling that last almost 2yrs I could tell she was serious she asked what I was thinking. The first thing popped into my mind was asking if the sex was good she giggled saying it is the best sex she ever had. Guess my ego got me I asked if his dick was bigger she said he was a thicker dick mine was longer. I laughed saying tell him I’m longer she laughed saying he knows they talk about everything. I’m over 8” so I’m sure she wasn’t lying for a few days it bothered me. Then I guess I understood in a strange way she said they stopped because they was getting out of hand. She never cheated on me she said lol we broke up because I had to move for work.

  • Bestiality must be on the rise too, with all the dog-fuckers on this thing !

  • How do you know do you have experience

  • Other than with your mom, no.

  • Truth. I think most of it is BS.

  • No incest isn't on the rise, billy bullshitters are on the rise.

  • Gross, and no it shouldn’t be legal. Incest leads to severe genetic problems.

  • What if both parties are consenting adults why shouldn't they give each other pleasure if they want to?

  • The problem is children are often involved and not mentally developed to make such decisions. They are often tricked, groomed or just used.

  • Im almost 14 and my dad and i have being sleeping together since i was 9 and he never forced me. My mom left us when i was small and she does not want to talk to me or my dad and i hate her anyway because she cheated on my dad with my uncle and i hope she dies. I would never want to see her again anyway..

  • It doesn't matter if he forced you, at NINE you are not able to make those types of decisions, you are not mature enough. You still are not at 14.

  • Yes i am. Im mature ok. Im not a little girl and my dad never made me do anything. My mocm and uncle are the ones that recked everything..clowie

  • Yes and 14 year olds think they know everything. Look up the words manipulation and abuse. Your dad is a sick piece of crap if you’re not making shit up.

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  • I never said i know everything ok and i am mature. You should not call my dad names ok. I mean it and i keep saying he never made me do anything and always says its my choice all the time. He did not force me like some people said happend to them and even few people say im mature for my age and i will be 14 in may and i know im mature for my age..clowie

  • You do know he will go to prison if it leaks out don't you.

  • I dont want to be mean or be cheeky. But im telling the truth and i am real mature for my age. I said i will be 14 in may and lots off people i said im realy mature for my age and thats even some people who i dont know that well. Some people are writeing nasty things here and there not true like i said a hundred times. Its my choice and not like some people here who were forced. My dad is not like that and i wish people would stop saying bad things. Hes realy kind and careing and loves me. I mean it because im crying writeing this and reading peoples comments. I have to go finish getting ready for school. I wish somebody would say something nice and nobody says anything about my uncle or my bitch mom and shes the one that ruined everything. I better go and thanks.. Clowie

  • I keep tell yous my dad does not force me and never does. He always says its my choice and i dont have to and im not a child. Wish people would stop saying that ok. Please om not being mean.clowie

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