Fast orgasm

I’m 23 and can count on one hand how many orgasms I’ve had.
I’ve never had an orgasm during sex and I rarely have an orgasm when touching myself.
I have sex toys that I enjoy but I never seem to get close to having an orgasm.
I stayed at my friend parents house, both of us in the same bedroom but in different beds.
After talking to the early hours we went to sleep, I started touching myself and it felt really nice, I was trying to be quiet and not move so much and all of a sudden I knew I was going to have an orgasm and I did.
How did I manage to have an orgasm so quickly doing very little?

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  • You felt comfortable and relaxed at your friends. This allowed your brain to get out of the way, and your beautiful body to become fully present to you. Congrats :)

  • Assuming you are female, they say that the female orgasm is about 90% mental, in that if your mind is not into it, no amount of sexual stimulation will get you off. Obviously, you were in the right frame of mind to have an orgasm. You need to reflect on what happened to get you there, perhaps something you saw or talked about with your friend, or mayhaps you have a subconscious desire to have sex with your friend, or maybe it was just the excitement of rubbing one out next to her and trying not to get caught.

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