Meth Head's Breasts

I was at the auditorium today attending a home improvement show. When leaving the show i was approached by a middle aged woman in the parking lot. She asked me for money. She was a thin woman, not unattractive and her hands had a visible shake. I recognized that she is a drug addict and since we are having an epidemic of crystal meth in this area i assume she is trapped under it's curse. She gave me a story about having no money to buy food for her children which is quite likely true. She begged for money to buy food but I am sure it is not food she is going to buy. I felt caught in a vice: my conscience told me to give her money but my brain said not to since I will only be feeding her addiction. What to do? I did not listen to my conscience. I did not listen to my brain. I did listen to my enlarging penis. I told her she had nice breasts and I surely would appreciate a view of her assets. I expected her to tell me to f-off but she raised her top above her breasts and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. She then lifted her bra upward above her breasts, which hung freely for me to see. I was right, she does have nice breasts. I handed her a twenty dollar bill. I felt a bit ashamed of myself for humiliating the poor woman this way. As I was about to apologize to her when she surprised me by telling me I could feel her breasts for another twenty dollars, which i did. I paid her the money and left. I feel very ashamed of myself for taking advantage of her and yet I am disappointed that I did not press her to see what else she would do for money.

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