Cum inside unprotected Pussy

I am having sex with a married woman who is 39. She is not on any birth control and hates condoms, so i have to always pull out before i cum and we can never have more than one round of sex each time we get together. I put up with it because she is incredibly sexy and has an amazing ass.

Recently i've started secretly cumming inside her pussy and then pulling out and shooting the rest on her stomach. she has no idea the first rope is going deep inside her and spraying her cervix. I recently read an article that quoted a scientific study that found that the first shot of cum during orgasm has the vast majority of sperm and the remaining shots of cum are made up of a little sperm. She told me she is incredibly fertile and that each of her four children were conceived the first time she had unprotected sex with her husband.

Now i know that she is a few years older than the last time she got pregnant but i think it is only a matter of time before i knock her up. I've never knocked up a married woman before so this is extremely exciting for me. Her husband had a vasectomy so if she gets pregnant she is going to have a hard time explaining the baby.

I get so turned on knowing each time we fuck may be the time i finally impregnate her. I usually switch positions when we have sex so that i end up on top in missionary position when i am ready to finish. After i pull out and cum i make sure to finger her and play with her clit so she has another orgasm to ensure proper insemination.

I know this is a dick move but this chick is asking for trouble by letting me fuck her unprotected. I've been tracking her period the past two months so i make sure to save up plenty of cum for her peak fertile time of the month.


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  • Dumbass. Like a woman doesn’t know when a man cums? You’re stupid as fuck.

  • I'm guessing you've never made a woman squirt or even wet. if you just shoot a little inside her and pull out and shoot the rest, most women won't notice or feel it. ask a few women, some feel it when the guy cums and some don't. or better yet, do the world a favor and hang yourself.

  • After you're done with the married woman, I hope you find my virgin fiancée next.

    I think you may know what I have intense cuckold/cheating fantasies about happening.

  • Let me know where to find her

  • What would you do to her, if you were to find her?

  • No pull out, that is for sure!

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