Mother pressed herself against my crotch

I went to visit mom a while back and we had some drinks after supper. Music was playing and I was cracking jokes and what not. My aunt was there to, then out of nowhere, my mom hugged me, pressing her pelvis against my crotch... and I got a slight chuby... and she stayed there hugging with her body pressed against my crotch long enough for me to move my chub back and forth repeatedly for anger good 10
Seconds before she let go. She was supper touchy feelly the rest of the night but nothing I could perceive as sexual, at least not dolirectly but that was a weird moment. She recently invited me back. That was a month ago and I hardly ever visit, nor does she usually ask me to come. Just weird.

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  • Well... she told me she actually wanted to do something... and that shit turned the fantasy into potential reality... which totally freaked me out. I side stepped it... to make a long story short and im now just trying to not make her feel like shit for turning her down. Man this is weird. Anyways somethings are better left as a fantasy. I still have to go back and visit or else she’ll be offended though. I dont think she’ll bring it up again now that i turned her down but i hope the vibe isnt weird. Would should i do if she tries to bring that shit up again?

  • Update bellow in reply to previous comment.

  • Okay, I just read all this & am catching up. It's difficult to psychoanalyze this minus professional training thus ; one is just wise to utilize & employ the common sense & intestinal feelings from the interactions & encounters toward a positive & hopefully sexual progression.

    Certainly it's smart to ensure your mom always feels she's in a safe environment with you. What is clear to me is that she desires bonding with you. I agree with you that potentially your mom & you can attain a lasting bond from these more subtle actions. Eventually however & in my humble opinion, most every woman waits for a man to proceed indicating some aggression. For instance, I feel this has progressed enough to the point where if your two faces reached a reasonable vicinity for a kiss, you should exercise that option and I mean OPTION. I'm well aware that is a large step although it initiates many more options & is certainly your call. It's only been a month ; you know best. You are exploring this wisely.

  • Well first of all, thank you for your wise and analitycal reply. That being said, things did indeed progress.... Strangely, yet again...the vibe is a mixed one on both ends, seemingly... And filled with sexual energy and confliction. Something i should mention is that when im overthere, i get very horny and end up going to guest room to tuck my errection in my waist band or make myself cum so that i can clear me head and function properly, but the last 3 times i did that, my mom asked where i was and came right up to the locked door, trying incessantly to open it and asking what im doing... To which i replied each time " ok hold on a minute" yet she trying to open the door. Soooo last time i ended up coming out o the room with my bonner in my waist band and my seater covering it, went 2 doors down to her room and told her " ooook im out now jeeezz my god lol"... She walked up right into me, like a few inches away snd her hand grazed my cock over my shirt. She knew. Despite my tucking my cock in my waist band regulary, i once had a tanktop on with a loose collar which made the part of my cock sticking out the waist band highly visible an i had seen her looking quite often and this was also not the first time she "accidentally" grazed my cock over my sweater either.... But this time she immediately said "what's this?"... Then touched it...played around with it, asking again what it was.... Which she very fuckin well knew... I mean.... Comon. Anyways she was movin it around over my shirt for 4 or 5 seconds then just literally grabbed it and held it for a second or so and then started squeezing it.... Still playing dumb... Asking what it was.... And then she gave it 3 strokes or so.... Then lifted up my shirt.... Saw the part of my cock that was pressed against my stomach tucked in my waist band, put my shirt back down and just pressed her entire body against my cock, hugging me. At this point i told her " why did you do that?"..... And of course she replied " did wha!

  • Contiuined here....
    So she replied "did what? I didnt do anything?"
    Soooo i gave her the play by play of what she had just done and i told her no worries and i thought it was actually pretty cool. She didnt reply and just stood there still hugging me with her body pressed into my hard cock... Untill she eventually let go and sat on her bed. She looked a little weird at this point though but i went down on my knees close to her and kissed her, she kissed me back tenderly, no tongue, but now she was looking like the guilt was sinking in.... Intold her again no worries and she does have to worry and im not judging....told her whatever man its cool. I started sliding my way fro her side as i kissed her on the lips which she also returned with ease minus the fact she looked hand went on her breast as inpecked ger again... I let go....moved back just slightly and starred at her.... She looked broken and said " ok i get it" i disengaged as i saw she regreted what she did and although i could have went farther, i stopped cause i knew she would regret it.
    She said she was gonna go brush her teeth and go to sleep but she kept hanging around me so after around 15 or 20 minutes, as she sat at the kitchen table, i massged her and she purposely leaned her head right into my hard cock where it stayed for the whole time i massaged her, sometimes twitching it and even moving my hips from side to side slightly, rubbing my cock against the side of her head in order to give her a reason to move away.... Which she didnt. Anyways she still stuck around like another 30 minutes or so after the massage lol and i kept telling her " ok didnt u say u were gonna go brush ur teeth? K go gooodnight" . And yes shit could have gone farther but the initial look of guilt and looking broken got to me. So avoided everything for her sake at that point. She was ok the next day...also because wernt drunk lol. Everything was back to normal the next day and im glad nothing more happened.

  • A part of me still imagines what my cock would look like burried in her mouth though.... But you know.... Watch out what you wish for.... Right?.....

  • Examples? If u don’t mind.

  • My mother was always dropping hints. Then it got to be obvious. I finally screamed at her to knock it off. She did stop after that.

  • Well.... I did eventually go back. Some sexual tension in the air but subtle. Not long after I arived i gave her a back rub while she was sitting on the kitchen chair. She leaned forward on the table and i did her lower back and was able to get down to her upperass and inacently rubbed it as if it was part her lower back. I stayed down there fo a little less than a minute just out curiosity but mived back up on my own cause i didnt wanna abuse the situation. I later that night she told me to make sure i at least take off my oants when i go to bed because i have the habbit of falling assleep with all my day close on when i go visit. I told her well whatever no worries ill just go to sleep naked.... She jokingly replied that she would come check and make sure lol... And giggled but it really just felt like innocent humour.
    The next day though, she gave me a hug and she didnt press her body into me like how she did the last time, but still walked forward into me enough for her oelvis to touch my dick a little snd i didn mive back.... Neither did she and that did maybe feel intentional guess but also a bit akward and hard to read and we both just very naturally disggaged the hug without any odd or awkward behavious while doing so though. Seems like this is a real possbility but i cannot be the one to make the first real move.... Maybe she feels tyat way to and we're both trying to safely lead eachother in which could continue for an eternity from the vibe im getting and all but who knows.....

  • Sounds like you need to revisit that hole that gave you life. Many women fantasize about fucking their own sons, you need to visit her again and make sure that she drinks plenty of alcohol, maybe compliment her on how good she looks, just drop some innocent hints. If she wants you sexually, she will let you know, then you can poke it to her, you mother fucker.

  • Well... I have her a massage while she was sitting down and leaning against the kitchen table so that gave me access to her upper ass which I rubbed but inocently for a minute. Maybe next time I should do the same and while on the upper ass I could tell her I need her to lie down so I can massage properly, if she agrees then that’ll be the green light
    To slide her pants down a little to get proper access to that upper ass she’s already letting me rub. If that goes well then I’m not sure how to flow through with caution though. I find that hesitation is a killer and the vibe of it all can be sensed. Maybe I move back up to the back and complain about the bra strap being in the way....or do I maybe start working the legs while the upper ass is exposed and just tell her...not ask but tell her... to slide off the pants so I can do her legs properly? If she does that then everything else else should be easy. Thinking about standing in front of her head to do her upper back, and letting my hard dick which will be loosely tucked in my waist band and poking at my shirt upwards right in front of her head and “accidentally” touching her head as I lean over to rub her back from the front....I dunno

  • We've spoken on the phone often since then and she often says next time I come, she'll cook this or that or whatever but never directly invites me. I should probably just tell her I'm coming to visit on " insert date here" or whatever. She's not pc savvy at all so I'm thinking about checking her browser history. If I find anything related to mother and son type of porn then I'll show her and see what she has to say... honestly... based on the way she's been acting, it wouldn't surprise me if I found a few videos. Also.... if she presses herself against me like that again, my hands will. E on the small of her back and I'll gauge her reaction as I slowly and tenderly let them drop down to her upper ass. If she just stays there, which again, based on the way she's been acting when I visit, then I'll honestly probably freez up though.

  • Sounds like a plan. Just try not to be too outright obvious, in case she doesn't really want you sexually, that can turn out rather embarrassing, you can always act like you were just joking around if you go to far and she doesn't want it. If you both have a few drinks together, your chances of shagging your mom will go way up. Good luck.

  • Naaahhh...I'll be subtle. Sometimes she'll go fishing for compliments
    Since she's old and feels she lost her looks. She'll say shit about how she used to be pretty but now she's old and unatractive, to which I usually just tell her she's still looks good. I'm sure she'll do that again as she does every time I'm over, but this time I'll reply in the same manner but throw in a little " aaaand, if I may say so, respectfully, you actually have a great ass to" and just laugh it off innocently.

  • She was horney and wanting cock .

  • Well I wish she went further with that. She acts like that sometimes but I'm too chicken shit to act on it.

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