Mother pressed herself against my crotch

I went to visit mom a while back and we had some drinks after supper. Music was playing and I was cracking jokes and what not. My aunt was there to, then out of nowhere, my mom hugged me, pressing her pelvis against my crotch... and I got a slight chuby... and she stayed there hugging with her body pressed against my crotch long enough for me to move my chub back and forth repeatedly for anger good 10
Seconds before she let go. She was supper touchy feelly the rest of the night but nothing I could perceive as sexual, at least not dolirectly but that was a weird moment. She recently invited me back. That was a month ago and I hardly ever visit, nor does she usually ask me to come. Just weird.

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  • Sounds like you need to revisit that hole that gave you life. Many women fantasize about fucking their own sons, you need to visit her again and make sure that she drinks plenty of alcohol, maybe compliment her on how good she looks, just drop some innocent hints. If she wants you sexually, she will let you know, then you can poke it to her, you mother fucker.

  • We've spoken on the phone often since then and she often says next time I come, she'll cook this or that or whatever but never directly invites me. I should probably just tell her I'm coming to visit on " insert date here" or whatever. She's not pc savvy at all so I'm thinking about checking her browser history. If I find anything related to mother and son type of porn then I'll show her and see what she has to say... honestly... based on the way she's been acting, it wouldn't surprise me if I found a few videos. Also.... if she presses herself against me like that again, my hands will. E on the small of her back and I'll gauge her reaction as I slowly and tenderly let them drop down to her upper ass. If she just stays there, which again, based on the way she's been acting when I visit, then I'll honestly probably freez up though.

  • Sounds like a plan. Just try not to be too outright obvious, in case she doesn't really want you sexually, that can turn out rather embarrassing, you can always act like you were just joking around if you go to far and she doesn't want it. If you both have a few drinks together, your chances of shagging your mom will go way up. Good luck.

  • She was horney and wanting cock .

  • Well I wish she went further with that. She acts like that sometimes but I'm too chicken shit to act on it.

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