Duaghter's Rash

My 14 year old daughter still has a problem with bed wetting. She will wet 4 or 5 nights a week. Because of this, she wears pull ups to bed. These over time have now given her a rash that she find uncomfortable and she had to stop wearing the pull ups. I decided that after cleaning and drying her bed a few times that wasn't going to work, so i went to the chemist and got so gel that is meant for nappy rashes.
I will say that i find my daughter sexy even normally, but when she has the little pull ups on, with butterflies all over them, i get really turned on.
Anyway the first night she got my wife to put the gel into the pull up and then she went and put them on. She complained because it was so cold when it touched her. The routine for a couple more nights was my wife warmed the gel and put it in the pull up and my daughter would go and get ready for bed. She told us she was pressing the pull up into her crotch to make sure the gel spread around. She even told my wife that she was pushing slightly into her slit cause the rash was in there too and it felt better.
My wife went away for 3 weeks with work and the first night i followed the routine. Then i let myself do something i know i shouldn't have. I took her nightly pull up to the bathroom with me, where i pulled out a load and squirted all of it into the crotch of her pull up. I went and gave it to her and she ran off to change. She came back out 6 or 7 minutes later and had the pull up on under nightie. She told me that the gel was a bit too warm, but it was ok after she spread it around.
I spent the whole 3 weeks filling her pull ups with my loads and enjoyed knowing my own daughter was spreading my cum all over her pussy. She told me a about 2 weeks in that she was needing my gel to be in the pull ups as she needed to be able to push more inside her slit to help with the rash. My wife is back, but i have kept in charge of the nightly routine. The only difference is i now take shower, giving me longer, and i pump out 2 full loads into her pull up.
Best part is, after doing this for almost 6 months, my daughter was sick for a few weeks not too long ago and she is now complaining that her school skirts and bras are tight and not fitting her well. I was so excited when she came out of the shower in only her panties and bra and you can see she has gained weight and her previously flat belly is just showing a nice little bulge in her lower abdomen. Even better is my wife thinks she's just eating to much and told her to eat less. I'm hoping by the time either of them work it out that it will be too late for her to abort. It will be a huge problem i know, but i really want to see my daughter swell up with my baby growing in her.

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  • I hope I can help a sexy 11 - 15 year old with pull-ups! I don't know how I'd keep my cock from growing

  • You should put the cream on her yourself and spread those fourteen year old legs and open that tight little pussy and finger her and lick her and play with her little budding tits and then place your cock at her little pussy and penatrate her slowley and if she figjhts you tell her your going to spank her because shes too old for wetting herself and spank hee naked..

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  • 14 yrs old and can't apply ointment by herself ???

  • She needs too let mom or dad do it..

  • Its better if mom does it and does not miss any part..

  • So shes 14 now and how long has she being wetting the bed..

  • I wet the bed until I was 15. It wasn't a medical issue but rather a psych issue. My father was a hulk of a man, brutal and abuse was the normal order of the day. He beat me down so I would man up. Somehow it translated to me having an uncontrollable bed wetting problem.

  • My daughter is almost 11 and also wets the bed. She now also wares pull ups and it makes me so hard changeing her and putting powder and cream on her tight hairless pussy and getting her to spread her legs and looking at her little clit and pink folds and then rubbing it all over her bottom and little bare pussy inside and out. She gets bit damp but only has a little dry orgasam..

  • That's sexy! Fuck these haters. Girls are sexy at that age.

  • Shes a little sweetie and has always being very clingey. She will walk around in just panties at times or come out of bathroom naked. She will finger herself inftont off me and wont even try hide what shes doing. She has the sweetest little body. I have not bought her a training bra yet. Her little breast buds are about size of eggs and has tiny pink nipples. Shes beautiful and drives me crazy. Have you any kids..

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