I love the smell of my wife's ass

My wife is a BBW, beautiful and very large breasts, a very sweet, tight pussy, and a huge, round ass.

When we first met and had sex, I couldn't help myself but to bury my face in her rear and eat it out, which she loved, and still loves.

But it's more than that; it's her scent. Her pussy smells amazing, her skin and everything, as well as her booty. One night we got into a disagreement, she was drunk, it was hot, sweaty outside. We finally got past the argument and she started kissing me, grabbing my crotch. I took her shirt off and played with her tits. She was wearing spandex pants with spandex pink underwear. I spun her around with her ass facing me, I bent her over the bed and started rubbing my face on her butt. I sniffed her ass through the spandex and was so turned on. Mega boner.

I pulled her pants down and snifed her booty through her panties, kissing and licking. I pulled down her panties, and her noticing I loved her scent, popped her booty out more to open her buttcheeks. She even pushed my face in and she pressed her ass in my face more. It was pure ecstacy.

She never has that... shit odor, its more musky, sweaty, skin scent, mixed with natural daily odor. Mixed with her great smelling pussy, breasts and skin, I go in overload.

I try not to do it too often, as to not burn myself out, or her to just not enjoy ass licking anymore, but at least every other time, when she gets on her knees for me to fuck her, I'll take a good whiff, then pound her even harder.

Some nights or mornings when I get up before her, I'll take a sniff or two through her pants or shorts. Or if I'm lucky, and her pants rode down from tossing around while asleep, I'll put my nose as close to her crack as I can and it's insta-boner.

Maybe it's the pheromones that come from that region, but damn, I could stay down there forever.

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  • Don't listen to these wusses that can't handle it. If that's your thing and she's ok with it, have fun!

    Personally, I love big, juicy booty smells too. And BBW? My dude! Love them! Have her sit on your face, feel that ass wrap up your face, and sniff deep.

  • Lmfao, pheromones. It's swamp ass, plain and simple--just bacteria doing its thing after sweating in the crack with no airflow for way too long.

  • Why would you wanna smell your wifes dirty fat ass.

  • I love the taste of a woman's ass too, it's gotta be the pheromones! I've sniffed ex girlfriends butts when they were sleeping too, it's even better if it's a night after sex and she's still naked so you can take a lil taste when she's sleeping

  • Ugh she could fart.

  • Once I woke up with my face planted in my wife's ass. I licked her for a bit then about a minute later she farted in my face and I'm not even kidding, it was super fucking hot.

  • Did you eat some turds too??

  • Disgusting

  • Even better ;)

  • Did it smell like Pizza?

  • I'm very dominant with her (as she likes to be submissive ) but I want one day of her sitting on my face.

  • I know what you mean. i am addicted to my wifes ass for the same reasons.

  • A good sexy scent, is pure heaven for sure. BBW's are the best!

  • Brilliant

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