Let them watch

Ok so me and wife wher haveing sex when i look over and my 14 and 11 yr daughters wher watching what should i do

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  • My sister and I shared a bedroom and the same bed until we were 16 years old. It was the old dining room made into a bedroom, we lived on the main floor of an old house. We could look threw the keyhole into the living room. We watched our mother having sex with the men she would bring home from the club. We seen her doing all kinds of sex acts, oral, different positions and two guys at the same time. We would take turns looking threw the keyhole, then we would copy what we saw with each other.

  • I have fantasy about finding a 4-8yr old little blond petite girl, all dressed up in sexy lengeri for me and I have a strapon and I drug her to where she can't move but can see what's happening, mmmmm I would first spread some lube on my girl cock and rub it between her puffy girly pussy lips, once she was lubed up I straight went bass deep making her scream n cry n pain, I held it in as far as I cpuld, then pounder her until I cam all over, mmmmm then I pulled out and rubbed her bloody pussy it was so hot, she was such a wine baby, I luv watching her fight it, I luv her lil pussy

  • Sick

  • Eight and older is a good age too show them your cock and teach them the pleasures off their sweet little bodys..

  • I turned on the DVD player and put in a movie for my 8 year old niece to watch while I was in the shower. 15 minutes later I walked back into the living room and found my niece sitting quietly with her eyes locked onto the tv screen watching a couple of guys doing a woman at the same time. I put in the wrong movie and she was watching it for a long time, I didn't know what to do, so I acted like it was nothing. The next time she was at my place, she asked me if I could put the same movie in for her to watch while I was showering. I told her that I would get into a lot of trouble if I put it in for her, but the movies are right there, watch what you want.

  • ? What movie did she choose and did she have her panties off looking at the movie..

  • You should have stopped and covered up perverts both of you

  • Several years ago I was living with a single girl with a 9yo daughter,she used to climb into our bed sometime I felt uneasy at first because I always sleep naked but my g/f said not to worry because her daughter was used to seeing a guy naked. One night she had climbed into our bed and my g/f was feeling horny she was playing with my cock which was really hard ,she wanted me to lick her out I pulled the sheet down a bit,I got really turned on seeing her daughter lying next to her in just a little pair of white panties,I started licking her wet pussy until she asked me to enter her ,I put my cock right up her as I was fucking her her daughter turned toward me with her pussy against my leg as I was moving it was rubbing against her clit I put my hand on her little bum and pulled her onto me ,she started humping my leg now and her mother was moaning and heaving up to me I knew she was ready to orgasm I put my hand down and felt her daughter's panties and they felt quite damp I rubbed it a bit and felt her move ,she must have been awake for a while, I felt my g/f orgasm and I started shooting my spunk up her I pulled out of her she put her table lamp on and went to the bathroom I reached over her daughter to get a tissue my cock was touching her belly some of my spunk had got onto her so I wiped it off ,she looked at me and smiled.

  • I moved in with a well now ex bf, and his 4 yr old daughter, we had to share a bedroom at first so we would wait for her to fall asleep and then he'd wanna fuck me and look at his daughter while he did, one time she woke up as I was suckinh him, he started pulling pants up but I stoped him asked him to just hold it in front of her I wanna see what she does, so he waited their, she reached out with one hand and couldn't even wrap her lil girl hand all away around, she started to giggle, I then had him stop, he then started to fuck me and wanted me to pretend I was her and call by hr name, and make me beg for his big nice fat daddy cock he liked when I would hold her down as he raped her little pussy, or he would take his cock and dive balls deep into her ass and she scream n cry and try and get away

  • That's very hot, my gf's daughter has watched us many times as well. She doesn't join, just watch while laying naked on the bed with us. She has been caught off guard though with a few errant spurts of jizz if my gf pulls me out so she can see it shoot. Have landed on her anywhere from her pussy up to her face. She just giggles and thinks it's funny.

  • Anything else happen and how old is she....

  • Thats hot. How old is she and I have a ten year old stepdaughter. Great stories too tell...

  • Sweet..

  • Have similar story..

  • When I was in my 20’s my daughter was at my house for the weekend it was early in the morning. My girlfriend and I was fucking I realized she was looking toward the door. My daughter was watching us my girlfriend was smiling at her my daughter was smiling watch. I pushed her off covering up my girlfriend said she wants to see me ride her daddy’s big cock. My girlfriend gripped my cock wiggling it my daughter giggled with a huge smile. I started getting turned on she told my daughter to come in the room and sit on the bed. I didn’t say anything as she showed my daughter my cock and balls up close. Next thing I knew my daughter was helping her give me a hand job. I laid back enjoying it she had a really strong grip my girlfriend was sucking my cock. When she asked her if she wanted to suck it too I said we better stop my girlfriend laughed saying you know you want her to. I got up and dressed and went to the living room my girlfriend said it’s no big deal just daddy daughter loving. A few weeks later I broke up with her and didn’t talk about what we did. A couple years later when she was 14 I felt guilty and said I’m sorry about what me and Kim did with you that wasn’t right. She smiled and said dad it was fun I’m ok it didn’t hurt me I said I’m glad it didn’t. To this day I regret having stopped that night what we started always wonder what I missed out on.

  • You should have shoved your cock in her preteen tight hairless pussy. Best sex ever..

  • How old was she..

  • The 11 year old is a bit to young the 14 year old is underage but he will be sexually active

  • They bought would love it..

  • I was 32 yrs old my girlfriend daughter was 12yrs old my girlfriend got me hooked on meth I was pretty messed up. We was evicted from our apartment and living on the streets in our car. Her daughter had started doing meth with us and was addicted. The three of us had broke into a house making a good haul with over $300 cash and electronics to sell. We ended up over $2500 cash renting a hotel room after getting some meth for the night. My girlfriend started sucking my cock Krysta her daughter smiled laying her head across my lap watching. The surreal feeling as her mom said she could join in she gripped my cock as her mom sucked. He does have a thick cock Krysta said my girlfriend said I told you never date a skinny prick. I couldn’t fight the desire twisting my girlfriend doggie position pounding her pussy. Krysta moved closer and we started making out I pulled off her shirt like her mom she had little pointy tits just firmer. My 9 1/2” long thick cock was pounding out a cave up her mother cunt. Continued

  • Did you get to suck her preteen breast buds and lick and finger her tight hairless pussy.

  • Anything else happen..

  • First; Educate yourself and learn to spell.
    Big surptise this question is being asked with this grammar.

    "Haveing". Funny.

    What you're really asking is how do I incorporate them into our sex. First; you learn how to spell. After all you don't want them going out and insisting the guy have a condominium first. Right?

  • Why the fuck do you assholes get worked up over spelling? Obviously you are still in school, because in the real world, over 20% of the US population can't even read, write, or speak English at all, and nobody follows you through life, grading you on spelling and grammar. If they spell close enough for you to figure out what they mean, that should be adequate, unless you are a complete fucking moron.

  • Nice one..

  • Dick head..

  • My daughter hasn't watched the wife and I having sex, but has been in the bathroom while I showered and I have been in the bathroom while she showered

  • How old is your daughter.

  • How old is she..

  • I had a girlfriend that was letting her 12 year-old sister hide in her bedroom closet and watch us having sex. I thought that it was weird that we were having sex on the floor, half on the bed, on a chair, with the lights on, and always in front of the closet doors. I seen her sister move threw the louvers she was spying threw. I told her that if she wants to watch she should sit in the chair and watch. So she did. We fucked with her watching and masturbating in the chair,

  • Bet she had a sweet little pussy.

  • Nice. Did you ever get to see her tight little hairless pussy. Nothing better..

  • Has there being any up date..

  • Why were they watching? Did you ask them? Sounds like a one time thing. But you should ask them both why they were doing it. Talk to them alone first.

    Ask the 14 year old why the 11 year old was watching.
    Ask the 11 year old why the 14 year old was watching.

    Then put them and ask them both why they were watching.
    Don't let them off the hook. They have to answer.
    After they hum and haw, drop the hammer on them.
    Tell them what each other said about why they were watching.

    Then ask them again why they were watching. Make them tell you.

    Then tell them to mind their own business or you'll spank their asses raw.

  • Spanking them ? No need for that , nothing wrong with sex in front of your kids . We stopped closing our door for sex when our kids very young . Kids know moms and dads have sex so why hide it, it is not dirty or wrong it's natural and shouldn't be done behind closed doors like it is . I have noticed our kids walk by our room while we are having sex and my daughter has even stepped just inside the door to ask her mom if she could go to a friend's house . We don't have to hide nudity if we are nude we are nude and do go about the house nude . Nothing left to imagination no curiousity about what is going on behind the bedroom door I feel will led our kids to be less curious and less likely to experiment at too early an age .

  • I would di as suggested. i would take bought of them though and bare bought off their bottoms and spank them bought long and hard with my hand and then hairbrush or wooden spoon. Its how my husband and i spank our two daughters when they need it and give them time in lounge with their little red bums on display for time out and to reflect. Have you got children..

  • Tell them they need to respect your privacy.

  • The 14 year old is old enough to join in next time, but I'd make the 11 year old wait till her twelfth birthday.

  • What does your wife say. She up for it. My uncle did stuff to me from when i was 9 and it frightend me first and then it felt good. He always use to say i had a cute hairless pussy. If its done gentle then whats the harm. Im 16 in few months and i love my uncle..

  • She is into it

  • Wow. I did not think she would have and now im wondering if mom new what my uncle has being doing with me for so long as there also very close and i thought i seeing them kissing once and just thought i imagined it. My uncle realy looks after mom and me.hes a nice person and always tells me im beautiful. I can say he never forced me to do anything even when i was little. I used to like when he licked my pee pee and put his ifinger in my pee pee i called it that hhen i was little and i loved him sucking my nipples i had no boobs then. I think its not fair if your letting your oldest have fun and not your youngest too. I hope yous have fun and lets no what yous descide...xxxx

  • Were yous bought naked and do you think your girls seeing much..

  • Yes both of us

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