Im bryon and im addicted to sucking black dick

Hello my name is bryon i have a blowjob fetish its like i cant get enough dick to suck and its mostly black dick that im into .i meet total strangers dont know a thing about them i mean nothing and if it is in public or my appt even i drop to my knees and start sucking .i bet i have sucked at least 50 diffrent black guys cocks in the last three months. See i place adds on some sites looking for black cock in my area to suck and let me tell you the add is only up for couple hours and i have a big long thick cock ramming the back of my throat an i love it .i dont give a damm what others think of me its my addiction and i am doing just fine with it.i love to swallow cum ohh and a hot sticky facial is fine with me .i bet i have swallowed a couple gallon of cum this year lol. Some is pretty nasty but i dont mind i just gulp it down unless they want to come on my face that is. See im a middle aged submissive im a sissy bitch i love being dominated buy big dick black guys.i have suckec a few white cocks in my time but i prefer black you never know what your gona see when you pull down there zipper and flop it out. I just gave a wonderful blowjob to a young black guy who was very well endowed let me tell ya it was every bit 9inches and curvec to the left .i did my best to get it down my throat i also did alot of gagging hehe. I have lots of pictures and videos of my blowjob adventures .i also like to sometimes take a thick cock up my ass but i got to realy be in the mood for that.but yea i can cum just by being fuckec without touching my own dick the harder he pounds me the harder i cum lol
Well i hope you all liked my confession on sucking dick.what can i say im hooked. Oh by the way ive had alot of diffrent guys tell me that i suck dick better then any girl they have ever had do it that makes me feel realy good to know that im as good or better then girls at giving head.

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  • Wow thats hot you sound like a gay guy i know who does and acts the same he loves the black dick lol.i would love to see a video or some hot pics.hehe

  • Got to admit black cock is hotter looking than white cock. Don't blame you for enjoying it so much. For sure you give better head than most women do. Guys get into much more and as a result develop some great techniques.

  • I love to suck black dick i cant go a day with out sucking on one an takeing a hot load of cum down my throat

  • Oh shit, I’ve been reading your name as Byron the last couple times lol. My bad dude. My first black dick I suck, I would love for it to be with a fresh 18 year old. Never had his dick sucked before and is really nervous. And we would be talking about something and then it’ll lead to me confessing about wanting to taste black dick or asking him if he ever had a blowjob before, and then I’d get to undo his pants and see his cock pop out. I’d lick it and suck it until he cums.

  • That made me realy horny lol

  • I would love to taste black cock. I’m not into cum though. I love precum but that’s it. I would love to be surrounded by dicks and have them all cum on my face. Wish I had a friend where we could always jerk off together and suck each other’s dicks, white or black. And only way I’d let someone cum in my mouth, is if their dick is extremely nice looking or they especially have a mushroom cock. They look so delicious.

  • I love mushroom heads

  • If I met a guy with a mushroom cock, I would never take it out of my mouth! I would love to be surrounded by those too. One in my mouth, one in each hand, 2 resting on my face. Would love it if there was more mushroom porn out there too. See a solo video of their dick going from soft to hard and their head getting bigger and thicker. Fuck.

  • Fucking racist cocksucker !

  • Please be careful allowing strangers in your home, but continue to enjoy yourself!!

    I indulge in the same kind of behavior but any ethnicity of male and only about 5 men a year, not 50 in 3 months.

  • I have only had a few in my home i mostly meet them at aocal park or in parking lots but yea i know i got to watch it im pretty good at reading people i have turned down quite a few guys also just because i had bad vibes if u know what i mean .but as for fifty thats just off the top of my head i dont count or keep track but i do know its been a lot in last three or four months i had this guy who wanted to bring two of his friends so we met at a local hotel and i sucked all three of them no fucking just head they wanted to video it so that was quite exciteing lol.i do have lots of pics and a few videos of my adventures lol. Well hopd yoh have a wonderfull future at sucking cock i know an hope i will

  • Thanks... I have always had a fantasy a guy would ask to bring some friends and I would get to suck 3 cocks... lucky!!

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