I want to be raped and abused hard

Im a 18 year old boy who wants to be kidnapped and raped.

I often fantasize that im locked in a cage in a diaper with a tube in my mouth connected to a see-through toilet. Then 50 guys come in taking turns in shitting and pissing is the toilet while im forced to swallow. Then once iv swallowed everything they take the tube from my mouth and tie me to a bench. They all take turns slapping my small dick. Then they shove their cocks in my ass and mouth. After they all cum they get a 36 gallon tub of slurry pit manure. They then get a diaper from the trash soak it full of manure then force me to wear in. They then put me in my cage,put the tube in my mouth, then they pour the slurry pit manure in to the toilet so im forced to eat it all while im covered in cum and wearing a diaper full of manure

I know the risks. I love the risks. I truly want to be a sex slave no matter if im beaten or raped at gun point or choked till i almost die or be humilated. I want to be just a fuck toy and toilet

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  • We know. You posted this before. You have to much time on your hands. Go get a job and grow up.

  • Says the ONE ON A SEX FORUM. Anyone can act tough on the internet you aint the first INTERNET tough guy. At least i aint afraid to put my fetish out there. You go back to jacking off to softcore porn

  • Seek help

  • Why because i have a fetish THAT YOU DONT LIKE well guess what the world doesnt revolve around Y O U

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