Sex with men in assisted living

I once read somewhere about a girl who volunteered with a retirement home and got the men off. I thought that sounded fun and since I’m not working, figured what the heck.

My mother had been in an assisted living and I got to know some of the other residents. So I asked if I could volunteer to read stories and the management said sure. (My mom was no longer there. She had passed a few months ago)

I took the group of people out to the “park” area and we sat near a shaded and blocked space. They had their chairs and some just came out and stood. I read something, and sat up against the tree (I think the other post did something similar) I wore a skirt and no panties and a jacket over a cami. I took off the jacket and the cami was kind of see through. When I read, I pulled my knees up and the skirt lifted so they had a peek of my pussy. It was a big tease for me to watch the men (and women!) move closer. I pulled the skirt up and pushed my knees out to give them a better view and then I played with my clit, circling it with my finger until I was nice and wet, and then I fingered myself a bit. I laid my legs flat and spread out, and lifted my skirt more. I then put the book down and pulled down the cami and showed them my tits. My nipples are nice and big and they were so hard. I flicked them and pinched them and just had casual conversations as I played with myself.

Finally i stood and I asked if anyone wanted to touch me. The men practically dove at me but so did a few women. So I let the women go first. Two stuck their fingers inside me and the other played with my nipples, pulling and twisting them. It was fucking hot. I orgasmed and the one woman asked if she could eat me. EAT MY CUNT were her words and she’s like 75! I let her. It was incredible. I let four of the men finger me and one made me turn around and he stuck his fingers in my ass said he was a butt man back in the day. I came three more times.

I go there twice a month now and read to them and I’ve actually spent time with the woman who ate me. Turns out she’s a lesbian. She licks my pussy at least twice a month and I even ate her out. As for the men I have two favorites. The butt man, who can’t quite get hard enough to enter me, so I suck him off and let him finger my ass - which feels great - and another man who takes viagra and if I mount him, he can stay hard for hours. He even likes me to sit on his face and he’s got a snappy little tongue.

I’m fetting soaked writing this. I’m telling you, these retirement homes are the fucking bomb.

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  • I worked in assisted living while I was going to college, I have never been so sexually harassed in my life. The old men moved really slow but I tell you their hands would get to places faster than lightening. I was constantly asked if I would rub their penis or could they touch my parts.

  • You should download some hot, word porn stories and read them that. Bet you'd see a flippin' orgy!

  • You are doing a great service to the elderly.

  • Wow. I’m going to volunteer at one!

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