My sister made me cum

My sister and I don't have an average brother sister relationship, she is 17, two years older than me, and we are very sexually open with each other. She always talks about what she does with her boyfriend, and goes into so much detail, like telling me how she was moaning so hard it woke up her boyfriends neighbours at 3 in the morning. Anyways, we managed to get into a conversation and she was talking about dick size. She straight up asked me what my dick size was, and I said I wasn't sure. So she told me to show her my dick. At first I kinda didn't want to, so I said that it's not errect so it'll look really small. But then she started rubbing my pants, and feeling up my dick. I didn't say anything, I just panted. She smiled and said "now it's errect". She opened up my trousers and pulled down my pants to reveal my fully errect, really hard dick. "What the fuck it's massive" she said. Then she grabbed it really firmly and looked up and down it, jaw dropped. I was biting my lip to stop myself from moaning. She told me it was bigger than her boyfriends, and he is like 23. I put my pants on and pulled up my trousers, and then she told me she wanted to show me her nipples, to get my opinion on them, because she wanted to know if they were too big. Without thinking I said yes, and she lifted off her top and took of her bra. Her nipples were errect and firm. She asked how they looked, and at this point I was so horny and I just went "so good babe" in a breathless voice. She laughed at me and I realised what I said and tried to say sorry but it was too late. "Someone likes what he sees. Give them a feel, don't tell my boyfriend though". I was kinda resistant but as soon as she grabbed my hand I couldn't stop myself. My hands were on her tits and I felt them up and squeezed them. She started moaning, and then started fingering herself. She was moaning and gasping, and I came in my pants so hard. I orgasmed really loudly. After that I stopped and we backed off each other, both panting and breathing heavily. She took her hands out her pants and said "you're good. But honestly I don't wanna do that, incest isn't my thing. I mean I really liked it but it's wrong, and I have a boyfriend. Maybe sometime when I'm drunk" and left. I don't know what to feel, I have mixed emotions depending on how horny I am. She is so sexy tho, so thin but her tits are huge and squeezing them was so nice. But incest is wrong isn't it. What does everyone think can incest be ok sometimes?


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  • I made my 10 year old sister orgasm, I was eating her out and got my middle finger up her pussy. I massaged her g spot while sucking on her clit, she was quivering and shaking and her clit and pussy lips were swollen and bright red, her pussy loosened up and was sloppy wet. I didn't know that a young preteen girl could orgasm.

  • What does she like to drink? Go buy her some and get some

  • Idk dude you are both so young and horny now it might feel fine, but seems like the kind of thing that could come back and traumatize you later. I mean, I used to make out with my little brother when I was a kid, and I'm in my 20s now and it makes me cringe. Your sister needs to leave her little brother alone and work out her sexual frustrations with someone else. But whatever happens, just DONT go too far and get her pregnant. That would be bad.

  • Wow, how raid, like my dream, nth cans up was sold off to ng that was an amazing dream.

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