My first sex

Growing up on a small family farm, I spent a lot of time alone, doing chores and tending to the livestock we raised. I learnt about sex from watching the animals go at it. I first learned how to jack off one day, when my pecker got hard watching two of our pigs fuck. I pulled my pecker out and started rubbing it, imagining that I was fucking that sow pig, until I came. It felt great and I started doing it every day. One day, when gathering up chicken eggs, I noticed that eggs are at least as big around as my cock, so figured a chicken could handle my cock in it. I grabbed the largest hen we had, and held her upside down until she stopped flopping around. I had my cock all greased up with some pig fat I took out of ma's kitchen. I lifted that hens tail feathers up and rammed my cock in as far as it would go. It was warm and felt way better than my hand, especially when she started squacking and flapping her wings. I came in about two minutes. That was pretty much my first experience with sex. I got caught one morning in the chicken coop by ma. She was terrible mad, but didn't tell pa, cuz he woulda wooped my ass something terrible.

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  • .they will seek out men on sites for fuck and drugskaron- will become a slave to a nig and working in hospitality and have no time, if she has a baby as well only more work a boy or girl and it will cause more trouble for her kids.
    i can see her doing that. she didn't pick up her friends were talking about her at the coles reunion party she got drunk. my bet is adam knows more and she met this peter online before she went to nofuck island.
    not all in paradise will be so sweet, especially when baby comes along. crime will come to nofuck when poachers go there. carley will leave to end up in kings cross prostituting after a short modelling stint and drunks.
    hot head and violent and hailey will follow the same road. sex will rule them. they will see sex ruling karen and dispise it. they see it in grandma roslyn too.
    no stability. adam won't help much - new /old girlfriend with boys - will be more blokesy bullying to those girls to be less feminine. they will be the violent dog fuck fems karon will want to leave the job when it gets hard. she will up and leave in a fight for sure. and someone going off about her kids bad behavor and ros will get caught giving them alcohol. it has to happen.

  • Heck, your pa has probably been fucking the livestock and chickens for years. Most boys on the farm do it so don't feel like you are weird.

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