Metal sex all day with a stranger.

This happened years ago, I had mental sex all day with a complete stranger, I was staying at my mates house while he was on holiday with his girlfriend.
On my last day (mate due back later that night) I was putting the rubbish out and this woman (mate neighbor) said what are you doing looking in the bins, I explained I was looking after the house, she apologised and said she didn’t know he was away.
She then introduced herself and we got chatting, straight away I thought she is nice, she then said she was going to the shops do I need anything, I said milk if you don’t mind.
I know it wasn’t long and she was knocking on the door, come in come in I said, after a few minutes of chatting I can remember us both having nothing more to say, complete silence both looking at each other, then both of us started smiling, like clockwork we both said come on then and started undressing each other, we left a trial of clothes leading to the bedroom where we stayed all day having sex.
I remember telling my mate a few days later what happened, he said you’re joking have you seen the size of her husband!
Apart from what my mate has told me about her I know nothing else.
I did enjoy myself and I’m sure she did too.

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