My mother in law touched my dick

***Story is now around 8-10 months old and was originally posted on a different site*** goes...
so a few weeks ago my mother in law and I were sitting at the kitchen table facing one another, just eating and having a drink which we often do during the lunch hour.
Yeah she lives with us. Anyways, I've been having these fantasies about her that make my dick rock hard, so I usually tuck my dick in my waistband. As it's often been the case, my dick was moving...the back side of it poking against my sweater, and again as it's usually the case, she was looking at it but then moving her eyes away when I'd look at her....but just a split second after, so I still catch her. She sometimes gives me massages, and on that day I asked she rub on my traps and upper chest near the neck. I took off my sweater and had a tank top on....a loose one. Bent over a couple times and I caught her looking at my dick through the very wide and fluttering...what I guess you could call a "collar". I mean barely though cause that shit was really hanging down, making my hard cock really visible, sticking out from my waistband.
Soooooo....I was sitting on the floor and she was on the couch giving me the old trap and upper chest rub down but I was really arched back and leaning against the base of the couch on the floor, and had my pelvis maximally tilted but discretely so that my dick was right at the bottom of my chest...touching the bottom of it.
She grazed it while massaging me...a fuck load of times. At one point she was touching bellow my chest right next to my dick and telling me that she knows I have issues with my stomach, that I need to eat more, now massaging the lower chest and upper stomach and and at that point, she kept her hand right at the same spot, grazing...and sometimes a little more than just grazing my dick over and over again. I'd say she touched it for a total of around 10 times. That's when she told me to lay down on the couch. After around a minute or so of rubbing my chest through my tank top "collar".....she just lifted my shirt up, exposing a good amount of my dick that was stickin out the waste-band. I had my eyes closed....about 3 seconds in I opened my eyes and she pulled my shirt back down and kept massaging me like nothing happened, I'd say for maybe another 2 minutes before telling me the massage was done. I stayed on the couch for another minute after she walked away but saw her down the rest of her drink in the kitchen. She's been cool since then...but nothing happened. My best guess is that she second guessed shit or just wanted to take things so far. I don't know. Had a few interesting "incidents" before but that was teh first time she made hand to dick contact, skin on skin, and fuck was it ever obviously deliberate.

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  • She gave me a massage the other night while every one was around. First time we actually all hung out in the house together in a long time. She mostly just walked on my back, but stuck her big toe in my mouth 3 times while walking on my shoulder while my head was turned away from everyone lol. These things, as I'm learning can play out for years before leading into actual sex. I'm patiently waiting with confidence though.

  • That's something she always did a lot too... not a coincidence. Definitely not an accident.

  • If I looked at, made a move or gesture toward my mother in law, my brother in law would beat me until the middle of next week.

  • Next try to get her to lick your dick .

  • ....umm... well she's the one who touched me. She stopped at touching like that and called it. I can't and will not make her do anything. Lol how would I even anyways?????.... nope. If she wanted more, I'm sure she would gone further. She obviously did what she did deliberately but probably started having doubt and panicked cause if possible reprocussions.... should I had not reciprocated... which honestly I would have had she actually grabbed it in her hand and stroked it... honestly I wouldn't have said no.

  • Is there any more updates, would love to hear about it

  • I second that

  • Sounds like it'd be very easy for you.

  • You would think eh? Things aren't always very consistent.... I mean her behaviour and that's making me scared shitless. I could played my hand a lot better that day though.... that's for sure....I panicked...

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