How the fuck...

I’ve been with my new girlfriend for two months now, last weekend I met her parents for the first time.
Her parents live up north so we made a weekend of it.
I met her father first, her mother was at work, her was the laziest slob I’ve ever seen, I never saw him move from the armchair, his manners are dreadful and he spoke to my girlfriend like she was his servant.
While trying to hold my tongue her mother came home, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, her mother was stunning and I mean stunning, amazing figure and well spoken, and all she did was waite on him hand and foot.
How the fuck...?

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  • He's probably hung like a fucking horse. A huge cock goes a long ways in getting a woman to do anything you want. That said, if her mother is satisfied with her relationship, then it is not really important what you think. It wouldn't hurt to ask your girlfriend about their relationship though, but do it respectfully, as she obviously has strong feelings for him, as well she should.

  • Roll with it if they are happy. If things are not good though help her mother out of it.

  • It happens not sure why but can also be the same in reverse my son's girlfriend has the most fantastic father and the worst, untidiest, foul mouthed mother anyone can imagine, he is just so nice and keeps himself in shape and well groomed a real great man he keeps the house tidy does all the work including cooking and keeps the outdoors really great while she sits around smoking and whineing about everything if she hasn't got a brandy or red wine at her side she wears the same daggy old cloths every day and I am sure not washing herself every day she often looks like a bag of shit not sure why he has not left her years ago, she is not looking after our children that's for sure

  • He probly is the breaswinner. Once you get settled in its hard to break from a lifestyle. Also she may like being a submissive wife. I know some girls do. Ive seen my buddy and his girl he makes her do all sorts of shit and she apparently loves it. Hell make her get me beers, and if i spill any its automatically her fault and shes gotta clean it up with her tongue or her clothes. I would feel bad but she told me its wgat she likes. My buddy told me after pur poker games they have the craziest sex, hell berate her for looking at his friends and flirting with us even though he makes her do it haha. Whatever floats ur boat right

  • Get some of that MIlf!!

  • Marry this girl...... her mom is still hot so she will be too. AND she is obviously submissive. Treat her like a queen in life and a whore in the bedroom, she will be yours for ever!!!

  • You have a point. It's said you best look at your GF mother because thats who you will be marrying. I proved that twice in my life. 1st mother in law made up stories, no truth in her what so ever. Gold digger as well. Damn if if my ex didn't morph to exactly the same.

    My mother in law today is a very pretty, giving and sweet person. I have been blessed to have a wife just like her.

  • Some things defy explanation.

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