Best job for sex?

Got invited to a house warming party, I didn’t know many people as the party was a work friend.
I was in the kitchen listening to stories being told and this one guy said about how many women he has had sex with.
He is a second hand car salesman, he went on to say he has lost count of how many women he has fucked.
According to him he gets women trying to get more discount, when it is not offered he said you then see a different woman, lots of flirting, saying how handsome he is and so on.
He said he now plays along with it and eventually the woman knows what’s needed for extra discount.
I have no idea how true any of this is but it got me thinking as to what would be the ideal job to get sex?
My other friend is a personal trainer and he doesn’t seem to go short!

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  • Women's shoe salesman. This is by far the best job for phone numbers of women who want sex. Most women know guys love feet, and what better way to tell if a man is attracted to you than if he loves your feet first!

  • I’m a golf club pro up north and work as an assistant pro down south during the winter. I have been given phone numbers, invited over, and taken advantage of a number of the female members. I only do this down south though for fear of getting caught and losing my head pro job up north.


  • Tourist bus driver, I take tours away for between two and four weeks the single women are fantastic almost all want to get into bed with me usually starting on the second night, I really have to be careful who I shag they can get very upset and envious and find reasons to report me if they know I am fucking more than one and that is quite often the case.
    I get requests from some of the ladies to advise my tour schedule so they can ensure they will be on my bus, I have two favourites that I split between tours both ex airline hostesses and widowed they are very hot well kept and great roots, both love oral and anal and both prepared to share me with some others.

  • I have the absolute best job for sex, I'm a stay at home wife, I send and receive things in the mail for my husband's side business. I have delivery men in and out all the time.

  • I drive for fed ex the guys and I know of 3 different women that on a semi regular basis do sexual things with us. So as a driver thank you. Hopefully your driver's are happy with your service.

  • Hmm. I habe a hot UPS man. Nice, attractive and black. I bet he fucks well with a big dick.

  • I'm a financial advisor. I know there's a very good chance that I'm going to have fun on a day where I am meeting with single women or married women who's husbands couldn't make it to the meeting. I'm confident, well-spoken, and well dressed. If I'm alone, I can usually close the deal.

  • It was almost three decades ago, but I once worked as an intern at a small television news station. The girls who got the best jobs were the ones who gave "favors." I never did, and changed careers, but I know of a few who played the game. They were also married, had families, etc., which I never really understood. Back then no one talked about sexual harassment. It was just the way it was.

  • This is still the case today. It's a rampant problem and unwritten role in tv that there's a way for women, and some men tbh, to work their way up or into bigger roles at other stations. I am a sales manager for a network affiliate and I've seen a ton of newscasters and hosts come and go as a result of what they were willing to do behind closed doors. You'd likely recognize some of the people I've seen go beyond the call to advance their careers.

  • 80% of all women have jobs that could be better done by a man. honestly women should give blowjobs to get ahead, most of them are totally useless so they might as well provide a service that can't be done by a man (no offense to homos)

  • Well, at least you didn’t want to offend homosexuals. You’re a real stand up guy.

  • Male stripper, for sure. Private parties for birthdays, bachlerettes, etc. I fucked twelve women in one night at a party I did. My cock was sore for two days afterwards. I came four times, twice in the bride to be. Damn I miss those days.

  • This is something I want to hear more about. How wild would these women get, especially in front of their friends?

  • Surprisingly, a lot of the times it was the older women, late 30's and older who got the wildest. We always entered the party after the ladies were pretty well intoxicated, and inhibitions were nearly non-existant. It usually started with women just touching us, and then our penises, giving it a few quick strokes, with lots of giggling and laughing. If we were receptive to their touching, which we usually were, depending on the type of women and the vibes they were throwing out, it would usually progress to someone taking it into her mouth. We provided ample opportunity by flopping it around very close to their faces. Frequently, one or more girls would strip naked and engage in full on sex, with everybody watching and cheering her on. I was always astonished at how uninhibited women became, it was almost like we were just toys for their amusement and not real men. I think women are way more wild than most men at any bachelor party I've ever attended. My wife made me stop 15 years ago when we got married, and I do miss that job, a lot. I met her at one of my partys, pretty sure that's why she made me quit.

  • Me too. I've been to some bachelorette parties that had strippers, but if anything we laughed at the guys, because they were silly. None of us ever wanted to fuck them. They were dorks.

  • Martial arts instructor, I don't really teach anymore, but in the past when I have given private lessons in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I would be with a hot girl and would be spending a lot of my time rolling around on the ground with her, in between her legs. lol our hips pressed together, her mounted on top of me. Sometimes we wouldn't even get through the lesson before we started fucking right there.

  • Home swimming pool care, my brother clean's and maintains swimming pool's in a very well off suburb, a few of the ladies are only really interested in getting laid so I go with him to actually do the work while he fixes them up inside, they are always grateful so we get heaps of bonuses most of these ladies are really good looking with great bodies and exceptionally nice

  • Firemen!

  • Lawyers seem to get it quite often. I was one of many stupid young interns that fell for the trap. Went on a business trip with the boss. After work was done we had the weekend before we had to leave. Went drinking. Fell for the charm. Ended up having sex with him. Only one of many. Other interns fell for it. Secretaries. All of of us fucked the same old dude. He even talked me and another intern into a threesome once.

  • Personal Trainer, my friend has women hanging off him or chasing him day in day out, when he wants a root he just clicks his fingers and has the choice of hundreds most are really hot and beautiful

  • I am a personal trainer also - female. Women will let me eat their pussies whenever I want. These suburban soccer moms, usually in their late 30s, are horny and ignored by their husbands. They have needs. I meet those needs. I never knew how desperate they were, or how much I loved eating at the Y until one of them shoved it in my face and begged me. I can cum just thinking about who will want my tongue in them tomorrow. So many choices...

  • I work in a doctors office, it's just 5 of us. It took awhile before I caught on, but the doctor fucks each of us on a different day of the week, and in return we all get a bonus

  • Might be a small office thing. When I was younger, I worked in a small office for an insurance agent. Me and the other woman who worked there used to suck our boss's dick. He was always asking. He had a high sex drive, and would want it sometimes 2-3 times a day. Thank God he would cum in a minute or two. It was always quick. He wanted to fuck me, but I never let him. I still wonder if his wife ever knew what he did at work.

  • This seems to be quite common. None of us caught on for a while. Several of the other girls were married. And didn't want things to slip. Only reason we found out was because it was a slow day and apparently he was trying to bang us all in one day.

  • I own a auto repair shop , I have in the past had many different women that couldn't afford the bill. One time I think this lady's husband was waiting down the street at a bar while I fucked her. Unfortunately it just doesn't happen enough for my tastes.

  • Used car salesman you say? They are known for their honesty. I'm sure he wasn't feeding you bullshit.

  • It’s very true. I’ve known guys that did it and still charge the car whores extra money and then laugh about it. Stupid fucking women.

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