Milky orgasm

Just woke my husband up by bouncing on his cock while he sucked on my breasts, milk oozing down his cheeks, then that lovely tingly let down happened, i cum all over him while he guzzled my milk!

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  • So hot :) can we talk about it more in private??

  • Why is this under "Cheating Confession"?

    Because your cheating the baby out of milk?

  • Definitely not cheating haha! My bad sorry.

  • Oh wow that's fantastic

  • My girlfriend use to let me suck her tits and I loved her tastes, both of us would get so wet ..... mmmmmmm

  • I love fresh titty milk, it’s been years

  • I would love to suck a great pair of tits and have tons of milk shot into my mouth, and all over my face.

  • My husband loves these badboys. I produce so much milk that he always ends up choking! But its so fantastic feeling the milk rush while he sucks and nibbles on my areola. My clitty throbs like a bitch!

  • Heaven on both of our ends. Milk or not, I wish guys appreciated boobs more & always sucked on them, especially in porn vids. I love a nice pair of boobs more than anything & would spend all day sucking them.

  • How can you say you wished guys appreciated boobs more?? Really? It's a rare thing when a real man doesn't think about tits and ass constantly.

  • ...Because when a guy is in front of a hot pair, they don’t do shit to them? You girls are funny when you talk about how much you want a guy who doesn’t care about sex, but then keep choosing the wrong guys or always show off your body. Maybe have some self respect & then more guys would be with you for you and not for your tits & ass. Between every model posing topless, calling it “art”, and then young girls walking around with the shortest shorts showing off ass cheeks with a bunch of dudes looking at her, of course you’re not gonna be taken seriously. And another thing, appreciation has nothing to do with constantly thinking about em. You’re either a horny guy who thinks about sex all day & talks about jumping different girls to your friends even when in a relationship, or a guy who controls himself or prefers love over sex and takes full advantage & enjoys everything a girl gives him when the time comes.

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