I fuck my bedpost

It’s round and wide and I go deep on it and I cum all over it.

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  • I had a very shiny brass pole that I wrap myself around and just made love to it. so very smooth feeling.

  • For some of the ladies here, I'm afraid that a bedpost may be somewhat lacking. At least one or two are ready to graduate to a public fire hydrant.

  • Im eleven and rub my vagina on my matress. Can somebdy tell me how to feel better please. Love clowie..

  • Just insert a finger and fuck it in an out till you cun

  • Cool. If you ever need a new bedpost, I'd be happy to be one for you.

  • Never had a bedpost like that, but I did have a rack fairly low on the wall with some smooth, finished, rounded 4" dowels. I'd lock my door and back up to it while rubbing my clit. It was a best friend when growing up.

  • Hope you check for splinter's first darling

  • I have rode the wooden bed post a couple of times for my boyfriend to watch. The best thing I've ever been fucked by is, my bisexual girlfriend's arm. She was born without a hand on her left side, just a little nub were her thumb was suppose to be. She would fuck me with her arm up to her elbow. It was smooth at the stump and gradually got bigger the deeper it went in, and big and fat at her elbow. The prefect size to stretch your pussy to the limit. It was always hard and ready to go, I loved to ride it all the way to her elbow. She could really ram it in hard and fast, she always made me cum.

  • Fuck that’s hot.

  • I personally love a good stretched cunt hole. Mmmmm

  • Than apparently this gal is just your type.

  • That will streach your cunt hole .

  • Yeah. Worth it. Not like any of them men I fuck are big enough for me to feel anyway.

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