Prick teaser

Since moving into my new property I’ve become good friends with an elderly lady two doors away.
She was the only person that knocked on my door and welcomed me and introduced herself.
Since that day I’ve always looked out for her, I’ve got shopping for her, done some DIY etc.
One day a knock at my door, I had not long been in the shower so only had a towel around my waist, I half opened the door with just my head showing!
I saw this really attractive lady wearing a business suit, she just looked very wealthy and very well spoken.
She asked if I was the gentleman that helps her mother, I said yes.
I opened the door to invite her in while saying I’m just out the shower will quickly change, before she entered she looked me up and down twice, it was so obvious, she said no need to change you are fine as you are.
As she entered a big waft of perfume followed her, in the kitchen she took her jacket and scarf of and all I could see was massive tits bursting out of her white shirt.
She asked me about her mother, as she was asking questions she was slowly walking around my kitchen looking at things, it was like something out the movies.
After answering a few questions about her mother she started asking questions about me, why a young fit handsome man like yourself would you be looking out for my mother, don’t you have girlfriends to be entertaining, I said I was single and she replied, interesting, so you have lots of free time maybe I could help you with that, I said how so.
She replied all in good time and said she must be going now.
And that’s the last I’ve seen of the stuck up posh bitch!

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  • You never know your luck you might get to eat her fanny and cum all over her big paps some night .

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