Beastiality (dog)

I’ve been letting my dogs (I’ve had about 4 dogs throughout my life) but the very first time I let my dog lick my pussy and it felt so amazing! I was only about 11-12 years old. I always felt weird after letting him lick my pussy but I did it days later regardless. I now own a husky/malamute dog and omg he loves to lick my pussy lol I’ve been thinking about letting him fuck me but I’m so scared it will hurt. I jack him off sometimes and even when I do that he comes so much

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  • I'm 19 now and for two years I let our Rotty have his way with me just about nightly for he sleeps in my room a lot of times on my bed sometime3s it's just oral for he loves licking me out pushing his toung deep inside of me making me cum on him.
    Now he's after me all of the time even sticking his nose against my pussy even in front of my parents and friends and I tell him bad boy and that makes it worst for when we're tied together I tell he's such a bad boy and I realized saying those words just makes him want me more.
    Last week I had two of my closest friends over for swimming in our back yard pool and I put Thor in the house and closed the door keeping him away from me well he got out ripped my bikini bottoms off of me pushed me down and proceeded to have his way with me getting into me pulling me tight against him as his knot began to swell locking us together and I couldn't do anything about it, so I just stayed there letting him fill me with his cum.
    Both my friends tried to get him off of me but Thor barred his teeth at them and they were afraid that he would bite them so they just watched and kept asking questions Then when Thor pulled out of me and they saw his cock they couldn't believe he had all of that in me and his cum flowed from me and Cindy said god April you look awesome you think he'd do me like you someday I told her to give him 20 minutes and yes he'd do you too.
    Well we returned to the pool stripped of our suits and Robin left she had enough so it was just Cindy and I and of course Thor.

  • Yeah.... try explaining your allergic reaction to a doctor.

  • Never that :)

  • The best thing about the dog they don't make you swell and they don't tell

  • Well they do tell in their own way, Constantly sticking their nose up your skirt getting up on you and start humping your leg.
    Or even a stranger's dog sticking their nose between your legs getting a good smell of another dog being there before him, Yes they do tell, but in their own way.

  • Do any girls honestly do this add me on Snapchat andyc2104

  • Any girls that get licked or have sex with a dog. . I wanna see. I'm a teen boy. Add me on Snapchat plzzzz. Andyc2104

  • Im 11 since july and my mommy bought me a dog and hes so cute. he sleeps in my bed and last night he licked my pee pee. It was realy tingley and felt nice. I rub myself down there sometimes and it feels nice. But i think i let him do it in bed later. I have to go to bed at 7.30. I would be in so much trouble if mom seeing me. But i dont care. Dont say i should not do it because lots of people are doing it.

  • It is really best if you can have someone there to assist with the initial mounting and holding you two together when you knott, my husband assisted our dog and I firstly expanding my pussie with large dildos and having me play nude on the floor with the dog particularly touching his dick and balls and puling him off, when we were confident he lubed me and had me on all fours then he helped our dog get it into me plus we had thick sock's on his paw's to prevent scratching, he felt so large and when he knotted and came OH MY what a feeling he was so far up me and his sperm was warm and a gigantic load he then swung off and we ended locked bum to bum for about 35 minutes it was great but I would have been very scared if my husband was not there.
    We can do it whenever we like now because we are both very experienced so when I get nude and down on his favourite fluffy mat in the lounge room he just comes over plays for a while then I have him mount

  • Stfu brownie fucker. You're a dude. Not op but this retard in comments

  • Hey Buddy I love you those posts about Brownie a fair while ago now really have stuck in your little brain, he is still doing his humping but not as much these days maybe like marriage root like rabbits at first can't get enough then start slowing a bit but he still does everything right and produces a massive load.
    Keep thinking of Brownie EH ?

  • Who

  • Have you let him fuck you yet?
    I can picture in now, your dog eating your pussy then mounting you as he probes with his cock looking for that sweet spot, when suddenly you feel it slide in. His pace gets faster as he wants to breed you. Jackhammering your pussy till you feel his knot starting to press into you and with a sharp pop, it passes in and locks him to you. You feel his hit cum squirting against your cervix and maybe past it as he tries his best to give you his pups

  • That made my pussy so wet lol I haven’t let him fuck me yet. I’m scared his knot will hurt me

  • Would u let me try him I so.wanna get knotted

  • It a good hurt honey, try and relax when you feel it go in and spread your knees, it’ll help him go deeper. When that knot swells you’ll love the feeling of being full.

    Let me know how you get on

  • It may hurt at first but it'll pass soon enough.

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