Husband and son mooning

Lately my husband and our young son have been mooning each other. It's like a game to them. And whoever gets mooned has to do a chore usually. It's been happening more and more though and now they pull their pants all the way down and it's not uncommon to see their genitals. My husband seems to encourage it and has on more than one occasion told our son to moon me. And later he would ask me if I thought it was cute or funny and if I saw his "little butthole" and that I should play along. He says it's just a way to get him to do chores and bond but I'm starting to get uncomfortable. I don't mind nudity but I'm worried my husband is attracted to our son in sexual way. What should I do? Should I leave it alone? Or talk to someone? If it's really just a game I don't understand I'm fine with it. But the hard part is sometimes I will actually get turned on seeing my husbands butt and his dick when he does it because he has such a nice ass, and when our boy does it I can't help but look either. I don't think of him in that way at all and I don't want to but I do like seeing him play with his father and they are bonding. I don't want to ruin that but I'm worried. So please any advice is appreciated. Oh and one more thing the reason I am posting here is because I was looking for advice on how to teach kids about sex, idk if I'm on the right website. Sorry for ranting thanks.

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  • You never said how old your son is..

  • How old is your son..

  • Incest happens in families but usually the same age not adults and children,
    I think you need to be concerned as to what might happen between your husband and son of what be happening

  • Its probably just a bit of fun mooning usually is, some men like to show there anus, penis and testicles off, its not usual done between father and sun, I have done it to my wife many times if she moans about something, she does it to me, you say they are bonding, it will not be long before its more than bonding, you haven't said how old your sun is I think you need to tell us before anybody can judge and give you an answer
    Let me know KJ56

  • Me and my dad use to moon for a bit of fun

  • How old were you

  • My niece is 9 years old and is always flashing me when i baby sit her and i mean her little pussy and ass

  • First off thank you for your replies 😃 I realize I may have made a mistake posting here I thought it was for sex questions. Anyways I won't say exactly how old my son is, for obvious reasons , but I will say he will be starting puberty very soon, if not already. I did talk to my husband again and he brushed it off like usual. And that's what I'm worried about that it will lead to worse behaviour from my son, he is very well behaved normally. Since my post he has only mooned me once however what happened was very concerning, I wasn't planning on posting here again because it was the wrong place I thought but now this last time my husband had told him to moon me but he had actually had him take his pants and underwear off and he just walked up to me as I was cleaning. I was bending down to pick up his Batman toy and he was standing in front me with just a shirt on... His penis was literally inches from my face and needless to say this is not mooning. I yelled at him and sent him to his room. But I think I overreacted he started crying and I felt terrible. It's not his fault and my husband won't listen. I'm thinking of maybe going to family counseling, but I know his dad wouldn't like that. He is the breadwinner and I stay at home I can't afford to mess things up. I love him but I'm worried he may be hiding things from me. I am sorry for such a long post thank you all for your help. I am surprised it was mostly mature and helpful for what this site is. And to the person saying you know what you want to do.. I hope you aren't referring to my son. While he is a beautiful boy, and yes he has a very nice genitals and butt( I can see them whenever, jealous pedo?) I would never do that to him. Please get help.

  • I hope you took on board some of these comments. As i said give that little boy the spanking of his life and more important. Kick that fucker husband out..

  • Are you for real. Give that little preteen bare bottom a proper seeing to and i mean spank him long and hard. Use your hand first and either wooden spoon or hairbrush. i bet he wont flash his little red num again or his little boy willy. Kick your husband out dont let him be an exaamplebto your young son. I posted not long ago that i caught our 12 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter naked together. Trust me was handy they were bought naked. As my husband and i blisterd bought dare little bums good. Kick that sorry fucker out off your home..

  • Your sun is under age what your husband is doing is very wrong, encouraging your sun to expose himself are they doing it in public

  • You know what you want to do....

  • How old is your son. Im almost 14 and posted something on a similar post. My moms boyfriend did stuff to me from time i was 8 and i hope you stop your husband doing this its not ok. I want to die and i hate myself. Please stop h now..

  • Please get help honey, your 14 you shouldn't be on a site like this. Is he still doing this to you?

  • I said on another site that him and mom split up when i was 12 and even now nobody knows. Im not to young i will be 14 soon i was just saying how it realy hurts. Im going to be with my gran and grandad soon in heaven. I cant stand being here. Even my cousin whos same age as me and was my best friend dont want to know me anymore and calls me names because i dont leave my room anymore and hared him telling people in school about me being boreing and a fteak and i know hes right. I cant live like this forever. Im for sure going to be with my granparents before im 14. I cant stand all this anymore. I hate myself and want all this hurt and pain to go.. thanks..

  • Your husband is a pervert. Make this stop.

  • I am trying. I don't think he is a pedo, I really hope not. It scares me. If I find out anything else happened trust me he will be in jail

  • Probably not on the right website for this kind of advice, but what the hell, here it goes. Just tell your husband that you are uncomfortable with it because you don't want your son doing it in public with friends; kids copy that kind of crap real easy. And tell him that you're happy to see his ass any day, but he may get a surprise one day if he's not paying attention (hint at pegging cause I think that's what he may want). That'll probably put a stop to it and give him a bit of something to hope for. My wife had to have a similar conversation with me about fart jokes with my kids, so not sexual, but similar nonetheless.

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