Sensitive breasts

I really love having my breasts touched. I want to be tied up, naked and blindfolded on my bed. I want a man to caress and massage me all over. I like the idea of warm olive oil being rubbed into my skin. When he starts touching my breasts I'll really unwind. I want my breasts played with. knead the flesh and tease my nipples. Then I want to feel his tongue on them. lick and suck my nipples. gently squeeze them and keep playing with them until I cum.

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  • So do I

  • Coconut or avacado oil is better for your skin.

  • Maybe u should write bedtime stories, cos you're putting us all to sleep lol

  • You're such a snore!

  • Zzzzzzzzz

  • I would love to do that to you especially.

  • Can I be that guy sexy

  • My husband does this with me, except the olive oil part. He uses a feather, vibrators, clips and ice cubes to tease me as well as his fingers. I am usually bound with my breasts hanging down as he is into suspension bondage. He will tease me for well over an hour just playing with my nipples and I love every second of it.

  • Hmmm

  • I will suck and play with your breasts if you play with my balls and suck my prick until I cum all over your tits .

  • Aaaaarrrggghhh shhhaaatttttuppppp

  • Oh please i beg you, stop! You're really annoying :(

  • Well ten why don't you just stop reading my posts. If you don't look at it then you won't be annoyed

  • I am 22 F and mine are the same. Gads a guy plays with and sucks my nipples and it's like it turns me on so much I can even cum by him doing that to me.

  • Zzzzzz

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