Is it ok to masturbate on bed whilst wife is trying to sleep?

Rried for 13 years. My wife is gorgeous (I am not!)

A couple of years ago I was trying to get some action from the wife in bed whilst she was tired and in the end we agreed that it was ok if I just wanked myself.

We are quite sexually active and we have sex 2 or 3 times a week.

Since that first occasion masturbating next to her in bed has become quite normal and I now have wanking lube and I probably sort myself out a few times each week whilst she lays next to me either asleep or trying to sleep. I sometimes watch sex clips of her on my phone whilst I wank but sometime's I watch porn with the sound down. She does not know I watch porn. Occasionally she gets mad because of the bed movement but she is normally ok with it.

I have now bought condoms to masturbate into and use my lube also.

Is my behaviour acceptable? Would you say it was disrespectful? I could go downstairs and wank I suppose but the whole idea of her knowing I am wanking is a fairly effective turn on. I am a bit embarrassed at the same time!!

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  • As long as you use her mouth to jack off in it should be ok

  • If your old lady is okay with it, I don't see a problem. I have my old lady help me wank it when she's not in the mood to fuck or give me a blow job. Sometimes I just go it alone, but she usually likes to help, and lets me cum on her hooters, provided I clean them up afterwards.

  • You and your wife get to decide what behaviour is "acceptable" in your own marriage.

  • I am concerned she'll view me as a sad and pathetic wanker... Which I guess I am!

  • If she's cool with it then what's wrong with it?

  • Depends on the wife. I have known wives that thought it was a very disgusting thing to do and lose their minds. My wife... I could masturbate anywhere at anytime. We have sex usually once a day on the norm. We stayed naked and screwed all weekend and again this Monday morning.

    When I get home I'll watch some porn and jack off. If she walks in on me it's just another day. My ex wife would have called her round table of church ladies to help recover. I know this because she has called them to my house more than once. Thus the term Ex wife.

  • Thanks for reply. I would love or if my Mrs approved of me watching porn but it's a big "no no no" with her. She gets a bit pissed off with me wanking but she's ok with it 90% of the time. I just don't want to be a pathetic wanker to her. I think I need to ask her directly in a separate conversation and not just 30 seconds before I am about to do it. Cheers.

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