Keep getting horny on the back of her vespa

Im a 24 year old guy. I have been getting a lift on a vespa scooter from one of my moms friends for the last few weeks as my car is out of action. Every time i ride with her i get a raging erection behind her on the bike. Its very embarrising especially when i need to get off the back of the vespa and i have a big tent in my jeans. This woman is old enough ti be my mother and is also my moms friend. She is fit for her age with a nice tight bum and always wears a lovely figure hugging leather jacket on the vespa which feels lovely when im holding onto her on the back of the bike. I dont know if i should tell her i get horny when riding with her....i reckon its only a matter of time before she cops it. What should i do? Its going to be weeks before i can affort to get my car fixed.

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  • I am 23 F and if you get off riding a scooter you outta get a ride on a Harley, The vibrations are awesome, my BF knows exactly when to shift gears to get me off.

  • So i got a lift home from Angie on her vespa yesterday evening. Wow what a horny experience. It was amazing being able to relax and enjoy getting hard and excited behind her on the bike. When i was getting on i deliberately pushed up really close behind her so i was up against her bum. Just as we were about to set off Angie gave my leg a little rub and shouted back to relax and enjoy the ride. The minute she said that i knew for sure she didnt mind me getting hard behind her and probably even enjoyed it herself! Even on the journey home, every time we stopped at traffic lights or in traffic she'd give a bounce on the saddle in front of me so she was grinding her bum up against my etection. I was so wet and horny by the time i got dropped off at my house i was fit to explode. I wet straight to my bedroom and jurked off thinking about Angie and her sexy ass on the vespa!

  • She can feel it dude. And now that she knows, she thinks it’s sweet and probably will masturbate thinking about you taking her from behind. I’m sure you’ll do the same.

  • So i got a lift from my mams friend again this morning on her vespa. And as ususal i got a big erection behind her on the bike. When we got into the town centre where we work i jumped off and did my usual trick of trying to hide the tent in my jeans by pulling my jacket down and holding the helmet in front if my crotch. But she noticed the bump and asked if i had an errection! I got all embarrised and appoligised saying i was sorry and i couldnt help it. She smiled and said it was cool and that she saw it as a compliment that she could still turn a guy on! She said not to worry about getting hard behind her on the bike and that she wouldnt say anything to my would be our little secret! Cant wait to get a lift home off her later, at least i'll be able to relax and enjoy getting horny behind her!

  • She will tell your mom if you say anything. Your thinking with your little pecker right now.

  • Let her notice it’s either she will take it or just laugh at you, my bet she wants some young cock.

  • Id love to tell her or let her notice. Only thing is the fact shes my mothers friend. If she told my mother she'd probably think im a sick pervert....

  • The very same thing happened to me. I had a summer job in my friends parents company when i was 17/18. Sometimes id get a lift from my friends mom on her motorbike. I always got a raging hard-on behind her on the motorbike. One time she had to do an errand on the way home so i ended up on the back of the bike for ages. The road was also very bumpy so between the extra time sitting behind her and the bumps i ended up jizzing myself. To this day she still doesnt know about it.

  • You should be honest with her and tell her you get turned on when riding on her vespa with her. I reckon she'll take it as a compliment that a young guy is getting turned on by her!

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