Mom eats my cum

I make my mom eat my cum every day. I beat off at night, and sneak my cum into moms coffee every morning. Sometimes I beat off during the day, and find a way to put it in her food or drink. Don't know why I do this, I think I just like knowing that my mother eats my cum. I get horny thinking about it, then I beat off and give her more cum to eat. She will shit a fence post if I ever get caught.

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  • I would cum in my nieces baby bottle for a couple of days and mix in a little milk and give it to her. She always drank it all.

  • How old Is she? xx

  • Instead of adding it in her morning drink, fuck her and actually cum in your mum's pussy

  • There is nothing wrong with mooning between father and son we have shown each other our hard dicks we have even dick fenced

  • GG lol, sounds awesome

  • Let ur mom see you naked honey. Walk around after a shower and let your penis slip out. I don't think of my own young son in that way but I'll admit I love seeing him naked he is very adorable. I bet your mother feels the same way as most mother's deep down are proud of their sons, including their bodies. At the very least you can try something like that, hope it helps. Good luck honey šŸ˜Š

  • Yes DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  • She probably already knows and might even like it.

  • What? EWW!

  • I wish. I often fantasize about her catching me doing it and then offering to drink it direct from the source. Never happen though, but I can still hope.

  • I caught my son doing something like this when he was little, he was peeing in my coffee because I grounded him. I acted like I didn't see it and tasted it in front of him. I loved seeing his cute little smile as he dipped his little penis in my drink, I couldn't help but let him get away with it.

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