Writer's block and sex

So I've been posting on a site like this one and I've been getting quite a large following, each post that I do gets around 6000 likes. To be honest all the comments and attention was really addictive, it was the only thing that I cared four and look forward to throughout the day. The downside was I actually haven't had very many sexual experiences and quickly ran out of stories to tell, so one day after volleyball practice this guy pulled up and ask me if I needed a ride, I've seen him there multiple times perving on girls. So I thought it would give me something to write about so I went with him, we ended up going back to his place and having sex, it was also my first time doing anal. So when I got home I was really excited and sat down in front of my computer and was going to put down my newest sex story when I couldn't come up with anything, I tried to think of how the sex made me feel, and the sex wasn't very good. I tried to think of anything that was Sensational and would stand out, when I realized I let some nerdy pervert use my ass and mouth and I didn't get a story out of it, and as soon as he started fucking me he only lasted a couple minutes, and now the website I went to is closed. And I think he wants a serious relationship.

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  • Please try with me. I will do you all night then finish on your face!

  • Sweetie ( Lol !) , just make a bunch of shit up like you did on that other website !

  • I don't doubt he wants some more of what you gave him. He knows he was Mr quickie and would like to prove to you he can do better.

  • Sucks, try again please, with someone else, I want something to read

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