Sevret ass hole Sniffing,licking going rong

I Am From A small town from india Aged about 27 i am working in a Co Operative Society As A accountant that society had 4 Staffs 1 Attender
among 4 Staffs i alone was a male Another Mrs Puspa Lili Markada she was a divorced Christan women was a Manager aged above 36 years Sharmila was 30 yrs &Another is pooja 25 yrs female co worker i was seated between Sharmila & pooja As No other male co worker whole day i could smell ther swets after 1 week of my joining after all my co worker left to home at 6:00 pm accept manager Puspa she stays till 7:30 As Pigmmy ppl come .I was secretly sniffing both chairs assuming that mrs pushpa manager cant see.but i was perticularly intersted in sharmilas chair becz as i sat nxt to her i could smell her sweat .i sniffed sharmilas chair cussion oh god smelt ausom at the tip i had Smelt a piss And a mixture of strong ass sent and shitty smell.but poojas chairs cussion smelt normal but sharmilas chair cussion drives me even some time i use to smell it fresh like when she gos to manager cabin i just drop pen down perpousfully becz pooja shouldnt identifu me sniffing sharmilas cussion i just pretend like picking pen dumping my nose hard to the portion where she laid her ass it continued up to one month . fine one day morning 11:30 am manager mrs Puspa calld me to her cabin and told that she saw in CCCamera (which i faild to identify )What i do after my co workers leaves to home she grind and smiled little and said if i give This footage to our society president you know what it happens u ill be police complained I In sherwing voice told sorry i ll not reapeate it please dont do that.
she than after a while told me that for not giving this footage to Society president,You should do me a favour.
i Was Scard and shuring i knew if that matter reaches president i would delt with police action
i with sherwing voice i told what favoring i am ready to do any thing you tell.She gave a nasty smile and told i ll tell you after office hours than some custmers came to her cabin.
i came out and scared i couldnt concentrate on my work by thinking that what favour to do.
than a hours passed at 6:10Pm Evening She bell as i alone was at outside counter i rushed in she smiled and told I told you to do favour in the morning right she stood up and told come here
smilingly told you like to smell womens seats right she walked out from her chair i stood without uttring a word she was sitting ina Old wired chair with fat cussions she removed cussion and told to lay my head facing up in the chair I still stood she raised voice and quickly someone may come .I did not had any choise I agreed and sat in front of her chair and laid mu head in seat facing up she cam and stood near a chaur And sat on my face my body being between her wide spread legs her my nose and mouth was between her ass cheek she pressed her ass on my face for a while my nose and tong could feel her stinky ass hole smelling strong of ass cent she stood up and pull her salwar kameez pant and her panty also little down and her ass was hunging out she Spread her ass in both hand told me to open mouth and sat on my face exactly making her ass hole to be on my mouth .she sat and was doing her paper works .
i was making a noise that i couldnt breath properly she wisperd shuuu dont make noise
she farted it was a small on my mouth could feel it as it directly landed in to my trouth and was smelling stinky than i heard her speaking with lady custome who had come to enquire about loan under Self help Grop scheme for their tilloring shop mrs pushpa was enjoining my lick on her ass hole and she was suddenly ticckled she shook on a chair a lady customer who was in front of her asked her ar you all right she Mrs pushpa told im fine nothing much same their conversation went on now she pushed her ass back like we do when we read something sitting on chair my nose was exactly on her ass hole i could smell her strong smell of stinky fart smell ass sent and a shit now my tongue could reach her pussy in the botton when i touch my toungue which tickled her again she shook on sitting on my face her pussy was dripping and was hairy my toung this went on for hour after that customer leaves telling i ll come tomorrow and will arrange bring the documents you (mrs Pushpa)told and she went off She just stod up
and pulled her pant and panties up that time i heard a voice of pigmmy collecter womens asking mai i come in she (Mrs Pushpa) told her pigmmy lady to wait outside i ll call you and she told me stay here dont go any i ll go to washroon and ill be back it when i saw time it was 7:23pm
she came back and stood in front of chair i tried to remove my head of she told aaa no wait and this time see came with her pant and panty slitly pulled down and sprad her leg and suddenly sat pressing her ass on my nose and face i made a noice omm she told shhh quite quite.&Called pigmy Lady in She came and give a collection sheet and report& discused something that time she farted it was a bit big and smelly my full face had that heat and smelt like rotton egg but it did not had any sound. than a pigmmy lady handed over machine and went out she was pressing her ass hole nose and enjoinging my dick was to explode in cum was so erected after a minute she stood up and pulld her pants up and told nice work by your toungues were good .and smiling told from now on you should do This daily from 6:00 Pm till i leave and dont sniff their chair cuession got it .and she took her baga and step as a chair and told get up and place back the cussion removed.i stood up and placed it and we both moved out She asked how it smelt and tasted i mean my Ass hole and farts i told happly i love that smell and tasted so delicious she smiled happly and told me to pull down the office shutter and i locked it up gave a key to her she bied me and told see you tomorrow and sat in her scooter and went off it was ausom Expirence.
again it went on continuing
for 4 month same way but one day it was 06th Oct 2017 friday and was a best and kinky expirence she was on a leave i thought today i am relaxed and was secretly sniffing sharmilas cussion.but at 4:13 Pm She Manager mrs puspa came she smiled at me while entering after that 05:30she called sharmila and was speaking up to 5:50 She sent her some were while sharmila was comming ou told me that at 6:00Pm sholutdown my Pc I ll be going to chairmans office for giving this document which was needed urgently by chairman i told ok and she went out after 06:04pm I was shuting down Sharmilas pc Pooja went out holding her bag .at 06.06 pm Mrs Pushpa Called me and told you thought i am on leave haa i smiled she told how can i mis such a good toungue come on like always i removed cussion kept my head and she sat spreading her ass cheek it was soo smelly when she sat on my face she pressed her ass hole over my lips i was licking like regular making noice ''lucch lucch ''my toungue than i heard sharmilas voice i thought she came back mrs pushpa shook her ass fast and pressed 9n to mu toung
it was a too fast warning me not to make noice that some one is inn. it was our signal
than she was enjoinging my lick she started talking with sharmila like useal becz both of are used to it for past 4 month suddenly when Pushpa bent forward sitting on my face on chair to explain some thing to sharmila she had a fart but itwas not a just fart but had a small bit of Greacy shit dropped inside mu mouth i did not had any option swallowing but tasted akward yak but today she had a lot of dirty farts she never removed her ass hole from my mouth had a lots of smelly fart i thought had a bad diat on noon
again she farted but ti was a big and noicey as my mouth was on her ass hole complet gas went in along with little big bit of tasty shit inside my mouth instad of swalloing it i tasted and swalloed it i continued licking her shitty hole cleas as it tasted good even svevwas enjoing responding shaking her ass slowely aroun half an hour later sharmila went home.i was licking on the shit but her as hole was too shitty today than any other day she busted another shitty fart but it was a small piece of greecy shit i enjoyed it when she shitted i heard she telling sorry i had bit lot food today my duck was erected completly suddenly i could smell a mor shit she stood up and ran to wash room after 5 to 10 minutes she came back with her pants and panty little down
again came and sat on my face she told now its clean!.carry on but she had not washed her ass properly shit remanings was in her as hole i was licking making noice lucch luch a pigmy lady came in she shook her ass and pressed her ass hole my mouth in her ass hole it was a too fast warning me not to make noice it was our signal that some one is inn i went on licking now she little bit slided her ass back so that my nose can reach her hole as she was talking with pigmy lady later she went of i touch my toung to her jucy pussy and carried on but she farted again which had a worst smell now she quickly rubbed front so that her ass hole will be on my mouth she was looking papers and enjoinjing my lick now againg she farted with shit which came over my tongue while licking it tasted ausom i went on licking as she was doing her pending work enjoing my lick .she stood up to get something again she sat fast directoly on my mouth rubbing her ass hole over my nose ond mouth now her ass hole was clean i carried my lick un till she stood up pulled her pants and enough for today its late i need to goo home i hope you enjoyed ok sorry but it was a bit shitt sorry for that i had a heavy food in society meating at chairmans office. i shitted too much on your mouth how it tasted did you liked it she asked ?I happly replyed i wanted some more more she smiling told next time definetly i dont use toilet seat .
and she went of

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  • I'm glad I didn't read this mess. I saw the word india and that was enough.

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