I'm worried

I'm 12 and I gave my fist blowjob yesterday. I had already had sex, but the guy had a 'condom' on which meant that I couldn't get pregnant somehow when we had sex. But yesterday after I sucked his dick he came in my mouth, and I didn't know what to do so I swallowed it. I told my friends and they said I could get pregnant, is this true? Because I did it 3 times and I'm worried now because my parents would get mad and I'm too young for a baby

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  • That is totally how you get pregnated, by swallowing his load. The sperm goes into your belly and mixes with your stomache juices and all of the digested foods you have eaten. If you recently ate Chineese food, you will have a Chineese baby, Mexican food will give you a Mexican baby, and so be careful of what you eat before sucking the cock. Stay away from eating poop, because that will give you a black baby.

  • Idiot. black baby?? Get serious. If you weren't such a politically correct A_SS_H_O_L_E, you'd tell the girl consistent with your premises, that eating watermelon, ribs, chicken & that soul food in general will get her pregnant with a n_i_gg_e_r infant. That's the way it's done fool.

  • Remarkably fine grammar for a 12 year old. What's it like being the one, sixth-grade kid who observes the rules of usage and syntax?

  • Agreed and if its for real. I hope her parents found this post and roasted her bare little bum..

  • You stay off this site little girl. Your only a baby and cant beleave your even talking like this never mind doing stuff for real. You for sure need your little preteen ass spanked..

  • I hope your messing. Get your bottom of this site. How dare you talk like this. I hope your mommy.and daddy give you a very long and hard bare bum spanking. Go play with your dolls or something sweetie. If your were my little girl you would be grounded for a long time with early bed time for a month and bought my husband and i would be spanking your bare buns each evening before bed. Now littlebgirl stay off this site..

  • I predict you will give birth to a large, brown, asshole baby !

  • A man wrote this

  • Next time spit it back into his mouth, if he doesn’t do it no more blowjobs for him. That’s the best way to see if he’s clean. Enjoy your first snowball.

  • Guessing you are an old perv not a 12 year old girl.

  • You probably caught herpes.

  • You cannot get pregnant that way.

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