Hate my vagina

Do other girls hate the look of their vagina, I can’t stand the look of mine, it grosses me out I think it’s disgusting.
I’ve googled vagina modification, I’ve even looked at vaginas to see what kind of a vagina I would like and can never find one.
Life is so unfair I wish I was born a man

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  • Hmm I hate bull from bond and the beautiful. he aint beautiful and such a nutter. tv nutters annoy me. ban the show. hate bull.

  • I have heard a lady complain about hers and I didn't see what the problem was. I worship the vag

  • I've been with over two hundred women, of all ages, sizes, and races. One thing that I can say for certain is that I have probably never seen two pussys that were exactly alike, and I've never seen one that I didn't like. If you have a pussy, be proud of it, there are plenty of men who will love it.

  • True and nice!

  • Some are very ugly however you can undergo surgery to make it look wonderful, try that darling xx

  • Let me give you a man’s perspective. A man who you share a mutual sexual attraction is going to think your vagina is incredibly beautiful no matter what. I can tell you first hand that I have never found any woman’s vagina ugly when she and I are about to have sex. And men have things they dislike about their penises too.

  • Dicks are way uglier. I've never seen an ugly vagina

  • WHAT how silly is that you have clearly not seen too many of both

  • Probably a matter of perspective. As a straight man I’d much rather look at vaginas than penises. I’d imagine the opposite is true for straight women.

  • As a man I agree 100% with this. The vagina is a thing of beauty.

  • Im almost 12 and i hate my vagina. I dont even have any hair down their yet and even my older sister has a little bit. She keeps saying im like a baby. Even though shes messing its realy annoying. Shes a fat cow..

  • Yeah i have a fupa.

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