Hairy Pussy

I’m wondering if what happened to me as a 18 yo boy has stayed with me all my life so far.
I was helping my dads friend on a job, he was a builder and I would do all the clearing up for extra money.
This one job was in a block of flats, I was up and down the stairs so many times, having a rest at the bottom this French lady opened her do and started talking, I was having troubles understanding her so she waved me to follow her.
She was wanting doors to lead out into the communal / shared gardens, she then went on to show me how she gets in and out of the garden.
She opened the sash window, sat on the ledge pulled her skirt up and lifted one leg at a time over, as she did this I had the perfect view, she had no knickers on and was really hairy, then she did the same getting back in, basically it was my first time ever seeing a real pussy!
I’m now a middle aged man and I’ve never liked a bald pussy, it has to be hairy.

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  • I'm just the opposite. I loved shaved and really would pass on a hairy one. I thought about it the other day watching the wife making sure her pussy was very smooth shaved as we were going to some friends house to hot tub with.

  • I think I know exactly what you mean !

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