Semen facial

Back in the early 90’s I smoked weed, I bought it from a lady twice my age.
As soon as I had got some I would skin up and smoke it with the lady and be on my way.
On one occasion I had just bought some and was skinning up on her breakfast table, I was just about to tear a magazine for a roach and she said, no I’m reading that, I looked at it and it was an article about using semen on your face skin for the protein!
I remember laughing saying you’re gonna need a lot of jizz.
Halfway through my joint she said you don’t fancy helping me out do you, you’re joking I said, no for real she said, as she said that she got a cup and asked if I would do it in the cup, she wanted to try it.
Go on she said I will give you an 1/8 free, I was straight in the toilet.
Done what I needed to do and gave her the cup, she went to the mirror and said don’t laugh and be telling anyone about this.
I watched her rub my jizz into her face, I said well, it feels tight I guess it’s working she said.
Looking back on it now it’s one of the funniest things I can remember.

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  • Was I supposed to pay money for prince williams hear about child sexual abuse support? I mean really is this how this lot work? cuz it's like they expected me to without telling me. I didn't know how all that worked, no one told me ?

  • I suck a lot of cock, get facials, and look ten years younger than I really am. Maybe that's why?

  • You should have told her give you a blowjob and swallow it will help her lose weight

  • Great story

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