My Gangbang Fantasy

I have a fantasy where my husband takes me to a bad part of town; I am dressed like a slut with a short dress that clings to every curve and a plunging neck line that shows off my cleavage.

We enter a dimly lit seedy bar on the back streets where all the men watch my breasts sway as I walk to the bar. My husband orders me a drink and sits me at the bar while he sets up the pool table and starts to play a game with one of the locals, leaving me to be eyed up and down by the other men.

Two rough looking men approach and ask if I want to dance with them. I say no, but one of them puts something on the jukebox and firmly grabs my arm, before I know it I am slow dancing sandwiched between these two men. Their hands are all over me as the other men in the bar call out and whistle. I look across at my husband for his reaction and he is watching intently as the events unfold.

As they take turns to kiss me, one of the men has pulled down my dress exposing both my breasts to the other customers and I feel my panties are being pulled down my legs as their fingers explore my wet pussy.

As I gasp with pleasure they lift me up onto the pool table where more men are waiting to hold me down; I am restrained in this way until every single man in the bar has deposited his cum in either my mouth or filled my pussy.

Those men who can’t perform use a beer bottle or the blunt end of the pool cue on me. I want to see the look on my husband’s face as he watches them turn me over and fuck my ass.

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  • I would love to be in a gang bang, missed one as a teen

  • Just keep the fantasy and don't ever try to act out on it. Fantasies are dreams and dreams are wishes and things don't always go as desired. Be careful what you wish for.

  • I have been gangbanged three times in my life, if I can I like to put myself in a situation where I'm the only woman among a group of men. Camping or at a party, I was on a boat with six guys in the middle of the lake, I seen my opportunity and took it. I took off my bikini and let the slut in me free. I love to be a complete whore and be the center of all the men's attention. I have a fetish to be held down with my legs held spread wide open, and have as many fingers and hands, in my pussy and asshole. Pulling my pussy open in every direction at same time. It helps if your good looking to get gangbanged.

  • Yes it does and I found out one Saturday when I went for a hike. Six guys I came across had their way with me right out in the open just with nature all around. For nearly 7 hours they all had me over and over sticking their cock in any hole that was vacant and when they left I couldn't find my clothes or even my pack. I had drie4d cum all over me and no water to clean myself up. Tired and exhausted I fell asleep in the setting sun early in the evening and when I woak there was two late teen age young men starring at me and all I could do or say well you might as well the others did too as you can see. Yes they fucked me to but just once each and left carrying me down the hill.

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  • Just be careful I have been with multiple men at the same time, there's a testerone thing that happens. Men try to out do each other and take it out on your private area. It sounds great but definitely something to be cautious about.

  • So you have some exhibitionist pent up in you?

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