Very small penis

I’m really interested in this guy at Uni but not yet met him to talk too.
We both look at each other and have that I like you and you like me look.
My friend at Uni seems to know just about everyone, if she don’t she will find out.
Since I have told her about this guy she has gone out of her way and spoiled things for me.
She has not done it in a meaningfully way it’s just what she had found out about this guy I’m not liking.
I can deal with the ex girlfriends and the drunken behaviour and the other silly things most of us get up too.
What I can’t get my head round is the naked pictures going around of how small his penis is, I thought I wasn’t fussed about penis size but his does look very small.
The picture I saw was him fully erect, he had sent it to another girl and the picture soon got sent around.
My last boyfriend was not very long but this guy is not even half the size.
I don’t want his penis size being an issue for me but it already is.
Too many people now know his size because of the picture.
It seems shallow of me to think like this but can’t help but think this way.

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  • If his size is an issue now, that isn't likely to change. Is he willing to share? If not, you need to think of yourself. He can't help being short-changed, but you shouldn't have to make enormous sacrifices because of it. Sad, but true.

  • You like this guy? Hang with him. But know that well-endowed guys will always be around and hitting on you. Can he deal with that?

  • My mommy says penis size is not important. My small cock seems to please her quite well, and she says I eat her pussy better than anyone.

  • You try telling that to my wife, all she is interested in is deep penetration in the vagina!

  • Are you worried about what others will say or that he can't please you? If the former then you'll be disappointed all your life. If the latter then perhaps he has other skills. If you think that good sex is all about the penis in the vagina then you've got a lot to learn.

  • Not so fast Sherlock. I suppose you believe like so many other freaks that a babe's rectum is where the penis goes. You are the mutants that have a lot to learn!!

  • Hey dumbass I was alluding to oral and manual stimulation. Why did you jump to conclude that I was referring to anal?

  • Cause he begs to get a cock up his ass.... he puts it out there to see who bites!!!!

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