Little horny brother

So for some context my brother is 14 and I'm 16, I am a slut tbh, and I have a great body. I'm not even insecure about anything, I really do have a good body, which is why I'm in this situation. So I recently found out my brother has been trying to see me naked in the shower. I found a camera in the shower earlier, deleted the vid. Then later on I seen that camera in his room so it's obviously his. The thing is, my brother is a very smart, kind and nice guy. But he doesn't get any girls and he gets bullied and beat up a lot. I know he has raging hormones and is uncontrollably horny. So I have two options in my mind. Either confront him and let him do whatever he pleases with my body for the night, to help him out. I have no problem as long as he wears protection. Or I could discipline him, and get my boyfriend to help me torture either physically or sexually. I like both, can you guys say which one is better because I don't know. If you don't like either suggest something. Thanks x

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  • Help the boy out and let him explore your lovely body, I know I would

  • Be a great sister and let him explore your body

  • I was in the same situation as you when I was 16 and my younger bro 14 1/2 tried everything to see me naked and did a few times and then I got tired of it went to his room one afternoon when mom and dad was out and confronted him about it. Well I ended up getting stripped of my clothes and he inspected every bit of me and we ended up having full blown sex for nearly four hours. He fucked my pussy, he fucked my mouth and my ass sever5al times in my pussy and ass and now I can't stop him. He's even came into my room at night demanding to get into my bed with me and I can't say no to him for I need what he gives me as much as he wants it from me.

  • Please don't post if u are underage.. I would have a talk with ur brother and tell him the feelings are normal and they Weill pass but u can't act on them. Tell him about porn, stuff that relates to his fetish. At the most give him a pic of u or something . This is a phase that will pass don't act on it

  • Are you for real sweetie. Your only 16 years old and your brother is only 14. Get of this site. I have kids younger than you honey. I would ware your little bare buns out if you were my daughter. Your a little brat and tell your mom what your brother was doing. Seens to me yous could both use a trip over mom or daddys Knee.. Stay of this site now brat.. Mom of two..

  • Lol your a mom of two and that makes you better than me somehow? If your a mom of two and you still go on this site to get off to stories maybe you should reconsider what your doing

  • How dare you speak to an adult like that. I come onto this site for advoice and other stuff. Your a selfish and bratty little girl who clearly needs discipline. My god you need a firm hand..

  • Shut up your not scary speaking like some posh twat. Your words mean nothing to me now take your thumb out your ass and go somewhere else

  • I hope your parents found out your on this site.

  • Scarey honey. You can be so thankful im knot your mom. That language is disgusting from a little girl. I can bet your mommy and daddy dont know you speak like this. Or if they did they did a real bad job bringing you and your little brother up. You should have respect for adults and i realy hope you dont speak like that to your parents because i would love you to live with my husband and i or as i posted previousley with my sister and her brother in law who as said also have a Little gir not much younger than you at 15 and she learnt pretty quick through some bad decisons that her little barw bum pays the price. Be very greatful sweetie your knot my daughter and for the record sweetie i was,nt judge you at start. But simpley saying its wrong because your family and your still only a little girl and have plenty off time to meet boys and have relationships and i certainley am not posh honey and no prude. My oldest daughter talks to me about anything and i bought her a little gift last christmas when she shared about feelings going through her body. Well dont have to spell it out sweetie. But lets say its alot let hassle now getting our daughter to go to bed in the evenings since..

  • Stop going onnn you think just because your an adult you somehow deserve respect. Anyone can become and adult there's a thing called aging, your not talented and you don't deserve my respect your a stranger just because your a shit mother doesn't mean I should be listening to you, stop talking to me you creep. Get a life

  • I would blister your bare buns sweetie. You clearly need a firm hand applied to that bare bottom of yours. You would find it very hard to sit down in school for quite sometime. How dare you speak to an adult like that and answer back. Clearly a firm hand needed and sometime grounding needed for time to reflect on your little attitude little girl.. Mom off two..

  • Mom of two has a spanking fetish and can't type for shit when she's drunk.

  • U two should fuck

  • Please don't be cruel to your brother if you ask mum to go on the pill she will understand for sure, then you can root with him whenever you both like

  • Darling encourage him to fuck you, start off slow by playing naked together a few times it really would be best and easiest if you saw your mother and got on the pill, that would be just terrific

  • The person who said dog fucker wasn't me. The comments on this are mixed so I'm not sure thanks for answering tho x

  • Shut up dog fucker

  • Who you talking to..

  • I suggest discipline. Make him lick you for hours on end until his tongue his sore.

  • The only discipline this child needs is a proper bare bum spanking. I have kids younger than her. If this child is for real and she was my daughter she would be one sorry little girl. Funny how girls that age think their all grown up. Well nothing like a well spanked bare bottom to take them down a peg or two. My children certainley know that as does my sisters daughter whos 15 and only copil weeks ago was caught drinking with a boy and lyeing in bed in just her panties. Well my sister and brother in law certainley roasted her bare buns. My sister said my niece was sobbing first because after they took off her panties it meant meant she was naked as day she was born. But after they finished giveing her what my sister said was the longest and hardest spankings she ever got. She did not care one bit for covering any part of her. But spent a long time danceing on spot rubbing her very bright and red stinging little girls bottom..

  • If it don’t bother you to let him see you naked,try mutual masturbation and take it slow. Nobody has to fuck but if you take it slow you can show him somethings and he can show you. It can be fun and let him gain some courage. If you do have sex use protection and nobody gets hurt. I’ve done that with my younger brother about the same age years ago he use to steal my panties and I caught him, so I was curious what he used to do with them, I knew what he did with them they used to be all crusty when he brought them back. So I told him I was going to tell our parents and he pleaded with me not to, so I told him to show me what he does with them and I wouldn’t tell. So he started to masturbate with them hold them up to his nose and then blowing his load inside them, then one thing led to another I masturbated for him he masturbated for me. We’ve done everything together I would let him eat me I would give him blowjobs and then we had sex countless number of times. That went on till our late teens , And nobody got hurt or pregnant good luck have fun.

  • I had the same issue, he is 4 years younger than I am though. We grew up before the digital age so he had to use hiding tricks like under my bed or buried in my closet behind clothes. I decided one day after noticing that he was in my closet again, my clothes hanging on my lower hanger rod were shoved together like I never leave them. I had just came from the bathroom shower and had my robe on so I called him out of the closet and asked him just what he thought he wanted to see. Much to my surprise he told me exactly what he was hoping to see because he had already seen it once and he really liked it. He saw me spread lotion all over my body after showering once while hiding in the same spot.
    I was a little upset but at the same time a part of my brain told me so what is the big deal. I told him fine, go back to your hiding spot and I will put on lotion. It progressed over time to him actually putting the lotion on me then after about a year he was playing with me sexually. It was actually pretty fun looking back on it.

  • You have such a overgrown head from self_compliments, I'm surprised it doesn't blow up. There are only two channels of appropriate advice for a blowhard like you. #1: GET OVER YOURSELF, & #2: CONTINUE REPEATING #1.

  • Wait is this because I said I know I'm hot? You see have you ever seen a girl who is beautiful say "I'm so ugly I look so bad"? Yes you have, because they're all sympathy seekers and liars. I am honest with myself, I have a really good body and I'm hot. You'll never hear me calling myself ugly, neither do any guys not even my ex's. So don't act like you know someone before you chat about them

  • Be nice and help him out!

  • Maybe x

  • Give the kid a break, be nice to him as you said he gets picked on and I know the feeling of that life. Don't pick on him as the others. If you have no problem letting him see without clothes you or play a little bit then throw him a bone. Be a helpful big sis.

  • Good point actually. If we torture him it'll just be the same as school for him and he won't learn. Maybe if we torture him badly but, yeah maybe I should be nice thanks x

  • He needs to be fucking your young holes. Let him.

  • Doubt he needs to but be definitely wants to

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