Permission to fuck mate wife

Awhile back I hooked up with an old mate, we drifted apart, marriage, kids, career etc.
After catching up on the fun stuff he told me things are not great with the wife, for many reasons it sounds like the both of them can’t be bothered with each other.
Jokingly I said if the wife is wanting a good “sorting out” I’m happy to help, he said you are welcome she is in the other room! We laughed it off and continued chatting.
Couple hours passed and I said let me order takeaway, after eating my mate said he was going for a shower.
His wife was in and out of the room I was in making small talk as she passed through.
About ten minutes later she came into the room and said, I’ve just been told you’re happy to give me a good “sorting out” I went bright red and embarrassed, I wasn’t expecting his wife to say that.
I said that was said jokingly, she said shame as I would be very happy for you to give me a good sorting out.
I said I’m not sure you’re husband is happy about it, she said he is fine about it, he has just told me and said go talk to you, laughing I said yeah right while he is upstairs we get it on down here.
No she said, once he has finished his shower I will tell him to collect our son from the parents, I was going to do it but he can now.
Ten minutes later my mate put his head around the door saying, picking up the kid grabbing and few things from the shops should be back in an hour or so.
After sitting for five minutes on my own his wife shouted, I’m upstairs, I got to her bedroom door and said I’m not sure about this, I only said it jokingly, she said it will be fine, come in and get into bed.
I got into bed and without saying anything she pushed my head between her legs, she had a big bush of pubes.
After licking her pussy for a few minutes I thought she’s gonna cum, I thought I’m gonna fuck her to orgasm, as I got up to put my cock in her she forced my head back down between her legs, licking and sucking away she was getting noisier and noisier, louder and louder, her hips thrusting into my face really fast, seconds later she is cumming and she didn’t stop, for ages she continued to thrust her pussy in my face, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, it was the longest orgasm I’ve ever known a woman to have.
As she slowed down I slid my cock inside her pussy, fuck it was wet, it was so sloppy her pussy squelched with every thrust.
To be honest she did nothing but lay there while I fucked her, she was full spread not saying a thing, I said I’m gonna cum, I was about to pull out and she held me from pulling out, it was to late by then I was pumping her pussy full of cum.
I got dressed and went downstairs, can only of been 10 minuets and my mate returned.
He made me a drink and we chatted for half hour, he then said is she still upstairs, must be I said, he went up and when he returned he said, you must of done a good job she is still naked on the bed.
For the rest of the evening we all chatted as if nothing had happened.
I left awhile later, I have since visited twice but nothing happened.

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  • Good job looking out for a friend

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