Impregnated my Daughter's Daughter's Daughter's Daughter

Firstly, when i was 17 i first had sex with my then girlfriend. She was 16. I got her pregnant a few months later. We stayed together for about a year, but when my new daughter was only 6 months old we went our separate ways. I'm not to proud to say that i didn't really keep in touch and as a result i didn't see my daughter grow up. I did regret it however so when she was 15 i tracked her down. I didn't actually tell her who i was, but made it a point to bump into her regularly for a bit.

After chatting to her for many hours over 6 months or so, i convinced her i would take her out for dinner and a surprise for her 16th birthday. She agreed. I met her at a local restaurant, with my intention being to tell her i was her father. I hadn't planned it, but the night went well and she started flirting with me. After our meal, i tried a couple of times, but just got too excited by where we were heading. I took her to a local hotel and i fucked her 5 times over the remaining 8 hours till morning. I didn't use any protection and she never asked me too. I was just so caught up in the idea of impregnating my own daughter i had too. I spent almost a month meeting her and fucking her. I even saw her with her mother a couple of times at the shops. So at 31, i got confirmation she was 3 months pregnant.

I broke it off with her and moved to a new house 2 suburbs over so she didn't know where i was. I kept an eye on her and i expected her to abort, but she didn't. My daughter, gave birth to my newest daughter, her own sister. I spent the next years tricking, luring and lying to teenage girls to fuck them. I got a teaching job and must have managed to fuck at least 35-40 of them. I don't know which of them kept my kids, but i know at least 4 had my babies, including 2 more daughters.

Anyway, now i'm 48 and i have watched my second daughter grow into a super hot 17 year old girl. She is just beautiful. I got a new teaching role at her school. It only took me 4 months to trick her into believing she would fail her grades in my class if she didn't study harder. I agreed to tutor her in private after school. I lasted only a month until i tricked her into wanting better grades for a price. We agreed she couldn't tell anyone and she would not fail class. Just so you know, she was smart and she wasn't failing anything, except realising i was changing her grades down.

Anyway, i agreed to wearing protection, but she didn't know i had been slicing little holes in the end of the condoms. I fucked her 3 or 4 times a week for nearly 10 weeks before she worked out she was pregnant with my baby. I convinced her if she doesn't tell that i would be their for her and the baby. I waited till she was 7 months along and confirmed to be having another daughter before i told her i was moving. I actually moved to another knowing my daughter's daughter/sister was having another of my daughters and her own sister again.

Now, about 6 months ago i returned home to retire from work. I am now 60 and i located my youngest daughter. She had only just turned 13, but was so cute. Probably even more so that any of her mothers. Even her mother, my middle daughter was still cute. Anyway i found out she does gymnastics twice a week. I went along a few times to watch. I bumped into her and gave her compliments on how good she is. I didn't really get a connection with her so i knew i would have to come up with another way.

5 months ago i got it. I was watching her at her gymnastics class and she left to head to the bathrooms. I ran down and after she went in i made sure no one else went in or came out. I went in and checked no one else was in any of the stalls. I locked the door and waited at the end of the stalls for her to come out. When she did, i grabbed her and took her back into a stall. I kept her mouth covered while i told her she will do as i say or her mother and grandmother would get it. I told her i know them and where she lives. She struggled but stopped screaming. She cried the whole time, but i had her resting her hands on the toilet seat, her ass sticking out, as i fucked her still in her leotard. I hadn't blown load in almost 12 months, so i really unloaded inside her tiny pussy. I held her tight and fucked her 2 more times, making sure i really filled her with seed. I told her if she gets pregnant she must keep it and she cannot tell anyone or her family would die. I got her a second time about 2 weeks later, again telling her she was good for not telling, but i really needed to be sure she was growing our baby. I fucked her 2 more time that night.

I saw her as usual at her gym this week. I didn't do anything to her, but i managed to get her alone for a few minutes. She confirmed, which was obvious anyway, that she was now almost 5 months pregnant and she was having a baby girl. I decided that since she hadn't told i would tell her that she was having a daughter, who was her sister as well. I told her that her mother, grand mother and great grand mother were all sisters as well and didn't know it. I told her that she was my great great grand daughter/daughter and that our baby would be my daughter, her sister and my great great great grand daughter.

While overseas i also managed to again trick, lure and lie my way into a whole bunch of girls. I must have managed to get another 20 or so. When i left i left an 11 year old girl almost 6 months pregnant with my baby as well.

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  • With some luck you will also get to impregnate the next daughter once she reaches 12 or 13. Way to go!

  • Hell is a hot place I hear

  • Wow. King scumbag.

  • I popped my fiances 11 year old daughters cherrir. Her little hairless pussy was so tight..

  • She loves it..

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