I feel like such a slut, but can't help myself

I went out with a few friends to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday, we had a great night, but he was so drunk. Two of his friends helped my get him up the stairs. When we got down stairs I made coffee for them and we sat down at the kitchen table for a chat. As we talked I felt one of their hands gently stroking my leg.

I am not sure why or whether it was the effect of the drinks, but I didn't stop him. I was wearing a short dress so it was easy for him to slide his hand all the way up until he was tracing the outline of my pussy.
The other boy had noticed what was happening and eased my legs apart so that they could get their fingers deep inside me. I felt like such a slut letting them have me whilst my boyfriend was unconscious on the bed upstairs, but within just a few seconds I was laid out naked on the kitchen table with my head over the side, as one boy used my mouth and the other fucked me.

The thought that we could be caught made it so much hotter for me. Since then his friends touch me whenever he is out of the room and sometimes call round when he is out of town. I just love cheating.

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  • My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years. Right now I am 24 and our neighbors son who's 17 has been my lover for the past 5 weeks. Am I about to quit? HELL NO... love his cock and the way he fucks me way to much be without.
    Yesterday he came over my husband was still home running late and he sat down had coffee with me and as my husband left he was already starting to remove my clothes.
    For 6 hours he had me every way you could think of cumming in me the last time before my husbands son came walking in from school. Sitting there with Jason's cum flowing out of me down onto the chair I was sitting in I was very anxious to get my step son out of the way so I could get cleaned up. Well when he came over and gave me a kiss he looked down and said " mom you're leaking again" Gads what am I gonna do?

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  • My wife is a slut too. She thinks I don't know that she is fucking my friends but I know and I find it so hot. My friends share pics of them with my wife and I jerk off to them. We sometimes see if we all can get her in bed separately.

  • Yes you’re a slut

  • HOT. Did you let them both finish inside you?

  • Of course she didn't. She has standards you know.

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