Drunk sister sex backfires

I guess I tried to take advantage of my drunk sister but it backfired, and I deserved that. She's a year younger, and we were throwing a house party. I made sure she got drunk, and then extremely drunk. She didn't know what she was doing really, and I asked she said yes so I dragged her into a room and let my imagination go wild. I tied her up and slapped her up a bit to get the mood going. I ripped her clothes off and put pegs on her nipples, and began choking her and slapping her really hard. After a while I pulled back her hair and forced my dick up and down her throat. It was like a dream come true, dominating my sister was what I always fantasized about. I took her over to a table and slammed her face and body onto the desk. I knew she wasn't a virgin but I took her anal virginity. I went all the way in and out, and I kept going faster. She was squealing like a pig, and when I was about to cum I pulled out and came in her pussy. I was about to rough her up a bit more when two guys came in. They realised I had just fucked my sister, and then got angry and deranged. They locked the door, beat me up until I couldn't stand and started avenging my sister in a way, so one guy pinned my sister down and spread her legs, the other guy pressed my face on my sisters clit, while fucking me. He made me lick out my own cum from my sisters pussy. To end it all they tied me up and put pegs on my nipples, and left my sister to play with my dick and asshole all night. Of course she didn't remember it in the morning, but I remember it vividly, every last bite and squeeze of my dick, and the taste of cum and pussy at the same time. I deserved that, karma I guess. But I'll get her at another party, or maybe I should learn from this. Please don't hate on me, she's so hot.

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  • But whyyyyy would you feel the need to rape and abuse her so badly?

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