Thought I invented a sex position

I am a woman, 27 years old and live in a fairly large city in California. I have been blessed with a body that men will immediately stare at starting at my chest. I had boobs even before middle school, my mom would take me shopping and joke with me about needing to find the young women's section with tops for big ones, so most of the clothes did not fit me loosely and I was always spilling out cleavage.
So as my life went on boys became very interested in my curves and I got used to being blessed.
I was probably 14 or so and over at my then boyfriends place, we were downstairs kissing and for the first time I felt his hand started to go over my breasts and touch them. I still had on my clothes and the caressing went on for quite some time, I was really enjoying it so I thought why not go further. I told him to hold on a second and I sat up removing my shirt then my bra. He was so excited and the look on his face got me very excited as well. I finally had to ask him to stop exploring after like a half an hour because my nipples were getting sore.
During my senior year I had a really serious boyfriend and we were having pretty regular sex, lucky for him his parents went out of town often and left him at home. We were playing around one day and things starting getting really sexual but I told him that he would not be able to play with my lower half because I was having my period. He got this pouty look on his face and made some comment about how great it felt when he was inside me then it just hit me. I asked him if he had any baby oil and we both laughed at that question but then I thought about using cooking oil. I laid down on his bed and he spread some out on my boobs, I pushed them together and he began slowly pushing his penis thru them. I was thinking that I just invented some new sex position but as everyone reading this knows it was just the usual titty f@ck, boob bang or what ever slang term applies.
He got hard pretty fast and soon the head was coming right up to my lips so I started licking and sucking on it as he pushed forward, he told me about ten times how hot I was as he began ejaculating and by the time he was done my neck and chin were covered in sperm. We both had a lot of fun and did it quite often.

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  • I have thought for a long time kate middleton is celine dions child and notice she looks nothing like her so called mother or father and the sister looks half islander which blackish skin? she also looks nothing like her brother. I think we have been lied to and the old celine has a sorted secret past.

  • That is great darling did he get your cherry ?

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