Big cock?

I’m 15, nearly 16. My dick is 18cm long when erect and 13 cm when flaccid. My girth when erect is only 11.6cm and flaccid 10cm. Is this big?

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  • First, get off the metric train & provide your alleged dimensions in real terms if you desire opinions. Just as annoying, your reference to girth isn't specified whether it is diameter or circumference. Thirdly, the word 'big' is a perspective word or how one perceives it. Key here is that women consider the thickness of a man's Penis much more importantly than its length.

  • Sorry, 7.1” erect, 5.2” flaccid. My girth, which as any person with brains would now, is circumference is 4.6” erect and 4” flaccid.

  • Would like to watch you fuck my wife

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