Watched a dog lick my gf

I'm 35 and my gf is 34. We have been together over three years, and have healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. Both of us have had a fairly diverse sexual past before we met so we often talked about things neither of us have done before that we could experience together for the first time. The list was relatively small and included things like, watching her masturbate with objects like a hairbrush, beer bottle, and a cucumber. The last big thing was a threesome. Her nor I had ever had one. MMF or MFF. We talked about it often and fantasizes about it during sex but it just never came to pass.

Then one night her and I were drinking heavily at home together and talked about different things when the topic of beastiality came up. I expressed to her that I've watched videos of girls getting eaten by dogs and was turned on by it and asked her if she had ever done it or thought about it before. Turns out she had thought about it several times, never done it but would like to. I was a little shocked to hear this and called BS on her right away. The act is a huge step from just a thought about it. But she insisted that if given the opportunity right then and there she would. So I called a friend with a dog and asked if I could take him for the night and next morning. As he worked nights and the dog would be alone he was fine with the idea.

So I drive to his house late that night and picked up the dog ( I have a key to his place) bring him back and called my gf bluff again. I was so wrong. She looked at me and said " if this ever gets out I'll cut you're balls off" then she took off her clothes and laid on the couch legs spread. We coaxed the dog towards her p**** and he immediately started licking. She was a little nervous for a moment but let it go and just said "wow! holy shit that feels good" I watched her as the dog licked her and she started to moan and play with her t*** then told me to pull my pants down and put my c*** in her mouth. I was so turned on and so was she. She came twice and the dog never stopped. After I finished in her mouth she told me to sit back and watch. We've talked about it many times since and have done it again. We both agree that lots of people have done it or thought about it but would never admit it.

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  • I so wanna do this anyone got a dog in can borrow???

  • Your lucky my wife did it with our Great Dane he was hung she took it all wish he was still living his cum filled her up

  • Are you gon get a dog?

  • Lucky bastard lol

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