I Sometimes Masturbate Thinking About My Older Sister

When I was younger I walked in on my older sister when she was in her sexy panties and bra. She was about 25 I was around 17.
After this experience seeing her very sexy body and lingerie, anytime the house was empty I would sneak into her bedroom and try on her sexy panties and masturbate on her bed.
I was always very careful as I never soiled any of her stuff any always left everything back as I found them. I did this for years. Wonderful orgasms all the time.

What excited me was that Louise really liked expensive and sexy lingerie.
During masturbation I would imagine Louise wearing her sexy lingerie. I would imagine her getting dressed and walking around in her bedroom in her underwear. I often wondered what she liked in sexy lingerie, did it make her feel sexy? Most young women (my other sister, my cousin) around her age opted for plain cotton briefs...

Around that time, I did manage to steal a pair of her most sexy satin panties. I have kept them for years and I still take them out every now and again for a special wank.
Just recently I found an old photo at home of Louise in a sexy bikini at the beach. The quality of the photo is not great but she sure had the body back then.
Wearing her old panties while wanking to a picture of her sexy young body from many years back really gets me off.

Sometimes if I'm not in the mood and my wife wants sex I just think of Louise and her 25 year old body in sexy lingerie and I spring straight into action!

A weird fantasy I know, one I would never act upon or indeed tell anyone about.
I have and always had a great relationship with my sister.


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  • If I thought about my sister while jacking off I'd lose my boner.

  • You owe it to yourself to try to live out this fantasy. Tell your older sis about it and ask her if she will give you some lovin. I've been tapping my sisters fine ass for years, and we both enjoy it. We are both married now, but we hook up every chance we get. She is the best fuck I've ever had, next to my mother, but that's a different story.

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