Office Slut

There is a married girl at work that always gets drunk and misbehaves at the office Christmas party, I remember one year whilst one of our colleagues kept her husband taking at the bar, we sat her down between us in one of the booths and she let us finger her discretely under the table. He was just a meters away, but had no idea what was going on. We each put a hand on her leg, gently easing them wide and allowing us unrestricted access to her pussy. She didn't offer any resistance to our probing fingers and in the end she helped me ease her soaking wet panties down her leg letting me remove them completely. It wasn't long before we became so aroused by what we were doing that we persuaded her into the hotel elevator and after reaching the top floor, I wedged open the door with my foot, while my friend and I had her dress and bra undone and our hands all over her tits, squeezing them hard making her nipples stand out as we took turns kissing her. Then we made her kneel on the floor between us while we both jerked off into her open mouth. We took crazy risks, anyone could have come out of their rooms and caught us, but I guess that made it seem all the more exciting. When we had finished with her, she had several splashes of our cum on her cheek and we refused to let her wipe it off, making her walk through the hotel lobby before we handed her a tissue. When we arrived back into the bar, her husband was still chatting and drinking and hadn’t even noticed that she was missing.


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  • Anyone who indulges at an office is a fucking idiot. You risk losing your job, being sued and even being charged with sexual assault. Even if she is instigating these sexual indulgences the men are the ones that will get fucked by the legal system. Don't be lazy, have the population have cunts. Find one outside of your work environment.

  • HALF the population ..*

  • I wish my 28 year old virgin fiancée worked where you work, so you could be successful with her, too. Of all the things you could do, there’s one thing I hope you do. It involves something extremely tight and you permanently having something I can never have.

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