Fucking my friends

Me and my friends are really sexual with each other. Other people find this very weird. We grab each other's boobs and slap asses. We masturbate together a lot of the time and we watch porn together too. We talk about vibrators and dildos. We've even scissored multiple times. Of course we've had dildo sex with each other. When we get horny we just fuck each other or finger each other. We give each other head all the time. Earlier today, I 69'd my best friend and then we watched hentai. We do things like this all the time, but there are no romantic feelings involved. Is this weird?

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  • Can I be your friend?

  • Not weird at all, I've been doing it with 3 other girls since sophomore year at high school. The boys circle jerk while watching porn back at school so some of us girls just started slow with kissing, feeling, and fingering no one got hurt or pregnant. I'm 26 now and we still get together , it's our business and no one else. Two of the girls are married and there husbands don't know it our fun, so it not weird at all. Keep up the fun.

  • No it's not weird. Guys naturally think of sex is just sex. Nothing else like emotion needs to be there to just have sex.

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