Sex with a Downs

Been married 8 years (he's 12 years older than me) but the last 4 have been a problem. Hubby had a mild stroke and then was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He's had the all clear 2 years but the treatments have left him totally impotent. We've been to the doctors and they've tried but they've stopped taking his problem seriously until he loses weight and stops smoking - but he can't / won't.

I've always had a higher sex drive then him, at first I managed on short rations but now there's no sex other than very occasionally he'll use toys and lick me, but that leaves me more frustrated still!!

I threatened that if he doesn't stop smoking and start eating healthy, I'll go on an adult dating site and get me an FWB. He tried but it only lasted a few days so I did. The results were poor to say the least, the guys on that site were pretty grim, I wouldn't open a door to let alone go on a date with any of them. I tried going down to the pubs in the town but not much more success there either. I hasten to add that all these I did with hubby fully informed, so I didn't cheat on him.

A few weeks ago he invited a 19 yo boy round for dinner, which I thought a bit strange because hubby isn't very outgoing like that. Anyway the boy 'C' has mild downs syndrome. We had a really pleasant dinner, and after he'd gone home hubby asked me what I thought of C. I said he was really sweet. Hubby asked if I'd like him to be my FWB? I was really shocked, but thought about it for the next couple of days and then I said yes.

We agreed we should ask his mum first, so I said I'd call round. I did and when I put the suggestion to her, the look on her face, you'd have thought I'd have just punched her in the face. She started screaming at me to get out. I was worried, thinking we might get local kids graffitiing the house and chucking bricks through our windows and I'd be labelled a sex pervert.

Anyway, that didn't happen. The next night his mum was at our door and she just asked, 'when do you want him to come round?' The next evening C knocked on the door and we invited him in for another dinner.

Afterwards, hubby was chatting joking with him and asking him if he had a GF. He then asked him if he'd like to have me as a GF. C said he would, so hubby told me to sit next to C and kiss him; I did. Then hubby got me to take my top off and got C to play with my boobs. After a bit I asked C to come upstairs to our bedroom. We both undressed and had full sex. I can't lie and say it was the best sex I ever had but the feeling of his willy inside of me was just absolutely so incredible. I did most of the work but we both really enjoyed it. In fact he managed to cum twice which I thought was brilliant.

When we went downstairs hubby asked if he enjoyed himself and C gave a very firm yes. Since then C has 'come round to play' almost every night since. He's learning and we're both enjoying gradually better sex.

I happened to mention our arrangement in confidence to a friend I went for coffee with and she couldn't believe what I was telling her. She thought I was exploiting the poor lad, she wondered how I could have sex with a boy with a mental age of 8. We had a massive row, but afterwards I did feel a wee bit bad about it, but not bad enough to turn away my gorgeous cute loving new FWB. We had a really nice sex sesh that night.

Hubby's OK-ish about it it, C loves coming round and I love what we do to. Where's the harm???


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  • I think it's a fantastic relationship. Don't sweat the legal aspects. Enjoy the boy and know you are giving him a rare gift.

  • I agree. Twice a week, I fuck my Downes Syndrome daughter . She's 13 and loves having my 7-incher ram her tight pussy. I'm 43, and have fucked quite a few pussies, but fucking her is quite a different experience. My wife rewards me with blowjobs for keeping our daughter happy.

  • That's amazing... ask ya wife to join in

  • Nothing wrong with having a fuck buddy, but legally, fucking a mentally disabled person, at any age, is a crime, in most if not all states. Also, if and when you decide to end the relationship, it may be very difficult for him to deal with, and you may wind up in a lot of trouble. Also, you need to make sure he doesn't knock you up, genetically, you may have a real fucked up child fathered from a Downs patient. Otherwise, happy fucking!

  • Are you saying the man with downs syndrome can't be a sexual person? That is unfair.

  • It is totally unfair. I worked with mentally disabled adults for several years, and the laws are very strict about sex with mentally impaired persons. Very sad really, they desire sex just like the rest of us. We often tried to enable them to be alone with each other so they could get their jollys, provided both patries wanted it, but we pretended like we didn't know what they were doing.

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