It made me horny

My husband and I love to go out for dinner and or drinks. Before we leave he constantly asks me to wear revealing clothes. Like loose tops and or skirts without underwear. We then scope out the place to see if anyone is interested trying to sneak a peak. He only likes men to look at me and whenever it starts to get to be more than that we leave. Two Fridays ago we were sitting in a bar it was kind of darker than most bars I pointed out that two guys were trying to sneak a peak up my skirt. He smiled and said open your legs slightly let them see. So I did. I could feel their eyes on me. For whatever reason tonight was different it was making me so horny and excited I was worried I may actually cum just sitting there , as those two were staring between my legs. I asked my husband if he was ready to leave and he said hell no because he was really getting his drunk on. He got up to go to the bathroom and when he left the two guys moved to a spot were they were closer and had a much better view. I saw my husband stop at the pool table on his way back from the bathroom so I knew he was going to play for a bit. One of the guys motioned to me like let's go have a smoke out back. I nodded and watched them get up and walk out the back door. A minute later I got up went to my husband and said be right back I'm going to have a smoke. He said ok and he couldn't come out because he had bet the guy he was playing. As soon as I walked out the door the two guys motioned me over to their pickup truck they had the passenger door open. We all introduced our selves then one said hey why don't you just hop up here to relax I did sitting with my legs hanging out the door opening. They started with complimenting me then touching my legs soon they were separating them and one guy knelt and started licking me. I lay back I knew what was going to happen. They took turns first eating me then they fucked me cumming inside me. After I hoped out of the truck and their cum was everywhere draining like crazy. We exchanged phone numbers and they left. I went in to the bathroom and cleaned up.

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  • Good girl, I want my wife to do that

  • Well you can talk to her , start slowly and try not to push her into things to fast

  • It happened to me to, but it was with three guys. Afterwards we exchanged phone numbers which I had second thoughts about but did it anyway.
    Two days later I get a call from one of them wanted to take me for lunch and I accepted told him I would meet him where ever he picked and he said he'd pick me up at my house. I asked him how he had known where I lived and he said sex with me was unbelievable and he had followed me home wanting more and more of me and I no sooner hung up the phone and my back door bell rang thinking it was my neighbor I called out to come on in. It wasn't our neighbor it was Jason the one who had called me and I couldn't believe I had remembered his name but it was easy for he had the biggest and thickest cock I have ever seen let alone fucked and for days all I dreamed about was getting fucked by him again and again.
    For six hours he kept me cumming over and over again on his cock getting him out the door before my husband got home from work wasn't easy, had to promise him he could visit me any time he wanted and for the past seven weeks he has visited me daily.
    You know we never did get to go out for lunch.

  • Well I've met them since, yesterday while my husband was at work and I'm supposed to see them again today if my husband goes golfing

  • BOTH of them together again? HOT, please share what happened and if you let them both shoot their load inside you once more.

  • Yes

  • So hot and spontaneous good for you.

  • Thank you

  • Fucking hot, I have always wanted to be tagged by two guys.

  • It was wonderful

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