First sex experience

When me and my sister were young, probably 6-7 yrs old, we became curious about sex so we started getting together at night and she would suck my dick and I would lick her pussy. We did that for about a year. I'm 17 now and I remember it vividly.

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  • I was 7 my neighbour was 6 I was sitting in an abandoned house that was between us totally naked stroking my little Cock, which I thought was huge while looking at the latest stash of my dad's XXXXXX Porn she walked in said what are you doing I only had time to drop the Ribald over my Cock as she jumped up on the big old lounge chair I was on, the only piece of furniture in the shack. Over the next 18 months I read the stories, she was soon sucking my Cock and I was licking her pussy. I know now it was wrong and probably did then as well, but we were both young and it was fun to do what the grown ups did. It was NEVER forced. To Rebecca I hope you are OK and it didn't Fuck you up.

  • This is the worst page I've ever read as far as spelling. Bumsh off wetards her.

  • A6 or7 year old sucking cock and licking pussy what a load of shite .

  • I swear to god it happened

  • Thinking this happens to many siblings

  • It does. We were bit older and cousins. We were 9 or 10 and we used to go into a small woods in behind my house and strip. It started out as just touching and pokeing and few months later i would lie on top of her and put my willy as called it in her. We bought would only have dry orgasams. My moms boyfriend caught us one time when we were boughy eleven and threatend to spankb us bought and tell on us bought. But instead we begged him crying not to. I temember him putting my willy in his mouth and rubbing my bum and eberywere else and he did same to my cousin but he lay her on grass and licked her down there. She was crying and he fingerd her also. Now i know why she was crying. Because he had bigger fingers than me. He done stuff with us bought once or twice a week. I remember him putting his willy in my bum for first time and i was crying so much and in so much pain and then i watched as he did it to my cousin also. He put his willy in her pee pee as she called it and then her bum like he did me. He used to say he would tell on us if we said anything and that he would spank us and tell on us bought. Were bought almost 15 and this went on until we were bought 13 and a half and he died In an accident. Were bought glad hes gone..

  • We didn't reallt understand it at the time all we knew was that it felt good.

  • I beleave you. My cousin and i wer only 9 as said also when we started doing things together and even though we did not know whay we were doing also it felt good. Also even though were bought glad my moms boyfriends gone we bought admitted we enjoyed some stuff he done Which is a bit confuseing. My cousin and i are bought 15 in may and are still close and play around with each other and were best friends..

  • Yeah that's good that you're still close me and my sister are still good friends as well

  • Do you and your sister ever do anything lateley...

  • No nothing like that has ever happened again tho I still fantasize

  • Me too. My cousin and i still get to touch each other and stuff. But it felt better back then..

  • Yep

  • I know it was so good..

  • You should have told him that you would do stuff with him but not painful stuff, that sucks that he hurt you. When I was 11 I would suck my 24 year old babysitters cock, but only suck nothing painful. I loved it, maybe I'll make a post

  • Thanks. Are you a boy or girl and how old are you..

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