I love getting pissed on

I'm not sure why, but I really love getting pissed on by women. I think it started when I was a little boy, about five years old. My older sister and her friends were always picking on me and bullying me. One day they knocked me down on the ground and one of them, Judy, straddled me, hiked up her dress and pulled her panties to the side, and started pissing all over me, calling me a little pissy baby. My sister and her other friend both started laughing, and then they took turns dropping their drawers and pissing on me. I was soaked from head to toe with urine, and after my sisters friends left my sister hosed me off with the garden hose and told me not to tell. I didn't understand it, at that age, I was to young to know about sex, but I really liked watching them piss on me. They did that to me a few times after that, and when I got a few years older, Judy taught me about sex, and we both were into peeing on each other. As I got into high school, I only dated girls that were into golden showers. Even if she doesn't piss on me, it is a great turn on just watching a woman urinate. Now I'm happily married. My wife doesn't let me pee on her, but she lets me watch her urinate whenever I want, and once or twice a week she will drink a few beers and hose me down really good.

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  • Last weekend my mates wife and i took drugs together as our partners were working we were flirting bad on each other and getting my eyes off her snatch was imposable as there was clearly some leakage now showing! What now she said we are not fucking ok! so then i dropped to my knees and sniffed her box as i pulled hard at my cock as she pissed threw her tight elastic leggings!! omg if she reads this I'm in the shit

  • It's a power thing. I love being pissed on, as well as pissing on others.

  • Let me taste that asshole

  • Sounds to me you get Pissed Off if you don't get Pissed On.......😂

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