Sex and Drugs and Rockin' His Pole

I was 19, he was 15. We were in a sports bar, I had sneaked him in, but it was chaotic, all about college football. We had each taken a Quaalude and smoked a joint of Colombian marijuana before we arrived, and began drinking cheap draught beer. We were into the game, and he was going crazy over " all the hot college bitches ! " I introduced him to a couple of girls I knew from school, and he was predictably shy and socially clumsy. One of the girls, who really was a bitch, asked him, "You're not even in school, are you ? Whaddaya, about 13 or 14 ? " He didn't like that and clammed up. They looked at me and I lied, " Not that young, no ! He's my cousin and I'm a bad influence. " They rolled their eyes and split. We drank more beer, and he got up and headed to the bathroom. I stood beside him at the urinal. He leaned close and said, "I want to rape those bitches !" I'm like, "Calm down, okay ? You don't want to do that !" He says, "No, look, I'm ready to rape those bitches !" and I look down and he's waving this huge hardon. I smiled and said, "Well, that sure needs tending to !" We left, laughing at his huge pole tenting his jeans.
We got a quart of beer, and went to the woods. We sat in my car, drinking and listening to Led Zep. Eventually, we got out, I spread a blanket in a clearing, and we stripped naked. He has an 8 inch cut cock, huge cockhead, and we got down and 69ed. I was super horny and came in his mouth pretty quick. He spat the huge wad out, in disgust. "Don't fucking EVER do that again !" he complained. I assured him it would not. I got some Vaseline from the car and encouraged him to bugger me which he did with angry aggression, oblivious to my painful cries. He lasted forever, ripping me apart, and he came a gallon up my bowels. It wasn't that night, but he did finally blow his load while fucking my face.

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